Dr Oz: 30’s, 40’s & 50’s Weight Loss Diets


Dr Oz: Weight Loss For Every Decade

Dr Oz’s Defy Your Age Diet gave a weight loss plan for people in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s.  Plus, he gave a fabulous list of Dr Oz’s Weight Loss Must Haves!  When you were young, it may have felt like you could eat anything without gaining weight.  But then came along your 30’s and everything started on a downward spiral as you entered into Midlife Weight Gain.  Sound familiar?  Doctor Oz gave great tips for how to lose weight every decade of your life.

Dr Oz: 50’s Weight Loss Diet

Doctor Oz first covered how to lose weight in your 50’s.  He brought onto his show a lady named Lisa, who is 53 years old and said that she can handle Dr Oz Metabolism Booster Drinkmood swings and hot flashes, but she cannot handle the weight gain that comes with your 50’s.  She said that every diet she has tried since going through Menopause has not worked.  Dr Oz said that after the age of 50, there are lots of changes that occur in your body.  For one, your body burns 200 calories less per day than when you were in your 30’s because of a loss of Estrogen.


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    i have a problem with my weight i,m trying the sensa diet but it seems to work a later,but i,m problem with my bowels not being regular. Please send me a good diet that works.

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    Love love love watching your show. Since following a few techniques and ideas I have lost 43 pounds. I feel great. My son has also lost weight and is two sizes smaller in pant size. Even my husband has followed your ideas. Thank you for getting us to look at food differently and our health

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