Dr Oz: 4 Beauty Secrets From Around the World: Coconut Oil to Honey

Dr Oz gave four Beauty Secrets From Around the World, along with his guest Shalini Vadhera, author of Passport to Beauty.  Doctor Oz said that some of the best and most natural beauty secrets can be found all around the globe.  In Australia they use yarrow root to prevent stretch marks.  In the Dominican Republic, they add garlic to nail polish to make this Nail Strengthening Home Remedy that Dr Oz had on a previous show.  And in Israel, they swear by the health benefits of the salt in the Dead Sea, which I can personally vouch for!  I know a man who had the worst Eczema and Psoriasis, so he went to the Dead Sea for a week and came back completely healed.  I kid you not! Dr Oz & Shalini Vadhera

Dr Oz: Coconut Oil Skin Secret from Belize

The first beauty secret is to use Coconut Oil on your skin to soften fine lines.  Women in Jamaica even use Coconut Oil to protect their skin from the sun.  Here is the complete instructions for the Coconut Oil Belize Anti-Aging Secret.

Dr Oz: Togarashi Pepper / Chili Pepper Foot Soak from Japan

The second beauty secret is to make a warm foot bath with Togarashi Pepper, a Japanese Chili Pepper spice.  Shalini said that the Chili Pepper makes your feet tingle with warmth.  What a great idea!  Here is the full directions for the Chili Pepper Foot Bath.

Dr Oz: Almond Scrub for Dry Skin: Beauty Secret of Egypt

The third beauty secret comes from Egypt, where they use ground almonds and milk as a body scrub to remove dry, dead skin.  I have done something similar by making a paste of sugar, honey and olive oil… but I will certainly give this a try too.  Click here for the complete instructions on making the Almond Dry Skin Scrub.

Dr Oz: Honey Hair Beauty Secret from South Africa

The last beauty secret is a South African Hair Mask made out of honey, olive oil and egg yolk.  Shalini said that honey is a fabulous humectant and this honey conditioning treatment leaves your hair soft, silky and shiny.  Here is the entire directions for make the Deep Conditioning Honey Hair Mask.


  1. Linda Swanson says

    From Dr. Oz’s T. V. show:

    The Chili Pepper Foot Bath. My daughter-in-law’s feet are still burning from this soak.
    Very upset over this.

    Linda Swanson

  2. says

    Hi Linda! Oh my, I am so sorry to hear that your daughter-in-law’s feet had such a bad reaction. How much pepper did you use and how many gallons of water did you use? I wonder if maybe she had an allergic reaction to the chili peppers? I hope she feels better fast!

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