Dr Oz: 4 Body Pains You Should Never Ignore


Dr Oz: 4 Pains You Shouldn’t Ignore

Do you have a sharp shooting sensation, or is it a dull ache? When do you know your pain is the sign of something more serious? On today’s show, Doctor Oz gave the 4 body pains to never ignore, which included jaw, leg, abdominal and nerve pain.

Dr Oz: Jaw Pain

This is a pain that is vague, dull and moves around. Jaw pain may start at the bottom of the teeth and move around to the top or the front of the teeth.


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    can I please get information from 3/21/12 program regarding sinus problems and migraine headaches…this was Dr. Greenfeld was on this program..thank you…it is important..

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    I missed the information on 3.21.12 and I love the program but I need the information on sinus and migraine problems…what to do for them…thank you

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