Dr Oz: 4 Diet Foods Making You Fat: Sugar Free Cookies & Veggie Chips


Dr Oz did a segment on four diet foods that make you fat.  From low-carb to low-fat to sugar-free to no-fat… how do you know which products will help your diet and which will hurt your diet?  Many foods you may be picking could be Diet Destroyers!  Doctor Oz sent a man named Brian to Stew Leonards (a fabulous grocery store!) to see just how gullible people were to fall for “diet” plans.  He tried to convince people of the “Lettuce Entertain You Diet” where lettuce flushes out half of the calories if you eat it after a doughnut … the “Ice Pop Diet” where you can lose fat by placing the ice pop on your stomach, since children who eat lots of popsicles tend to get dimples from the ice eating away at the fat cells … and the “You Chews You Lose Diet” where the more taffy you chew, the more weight you lose.  Of course, all of these diets are bogus and do not work, but they were funny none-the-less. Dr Oz Diet Foods

Dr Oz: 4 Diet Foods That Make You Fat

Diet Destroyer #1: Sugar-Free Cookies

Dr Oz said that when they take the sugar out of a food, they often replace it by putting back in more fat.  So you eat the same, if not more, fat as the original version of the product.  Instead, eat graham crackers because they have less sugar and only around 1 gram of fat.

Diet Destroyer #2: Veggie Chips

Dr Oz said that most of the time, veggie chips have the same amount of fat and calories (15o calories and 9 grams of fat) as potato chips.  In fact, veggie chips often contain potato flour and food coloring to  make them seem like vegetables.  Instead, Dr Oz suggested eating baked tortilla chips that do not contain potato flour… and you can even eat it with some salsa for a total of 153 fat free calories.

Diet Destroyer #3: Fat Free Salad Dressing

Dr Oz said that you need some fat to absorb the nutrients found in vegetables.  Fat free often means full of sugar as well.  So instead of fat free dressings, try an oil based reduced fat option with 2-4 grams of fat like olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Diet Destroyer #4: Fruit Snacks

Dr Oz said that fruit snacks are often made by boiling down juices and they lack fiber and vitamins that are found in the original fruits.  Plus, there is so much added sugar, that it overwhelms any benefits.  Try fresh fruit or dried fruit, both of which have fiber and cancer fighting antioxidants!


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