Dr Oz: 4 Fat Burning Exercise Moves

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Dr Oz: 4 Fat Burning Exercise Moves

By on July 14, 2010

Doctor Oz was joined by Joel Harper, a personal trainer, to show four exercise moves to help you burn fat.  Joel Harper said that it is important to work out every muscle in the body and to multitask when you workout.  4 Fat Burning Exercise Moves

4 Fat Burning Exercise Moves

1.  Put your feet together, and your arms straight in front with your palms facing towards each other.  Criss cross your arms and go back and forth alternating one hand on top and then the other.  You can also alternate with doing this with your palms facing up.  This is a great exercise to warm up your shoulders.  Do this for two minutes!

2.  Invisible Chair – Put your back up against the wall, and put your hands into a prayer position.  Then pretend you are sitting in a chair, and walk your heels out so that your heels are exactly underneath your knees.

3.  Get down on your hands and knees and make sure your hands are underneath your shoulder.  Put one leg straight back, and the opposite arm should be stuck out in front.  Do this again alternating sides.

4.  Put your hands behind your neck and crunch up a little bit.  Lift your legs up and down.  You can either do one leg at a time and alternate legs, or you can do the more advanced form of this exercise and do both legs at the same time.

As always, it is very hard to describe these exercises with words… so if anyone has any questions, please ask below and I will do my best to answer or elaborate to the best of my ability!

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Comments to Dr Oz: 4 Fat Burning Exercise Moves

  1. I do not think these are fat burning exercises; I think they are muscle-building exercises.

  2. You think so Reese? I’m definitely not an expert, but Dr Oz did mention that they were fat burning exercises. Perhaps they are both fat burning and muscle building?

  3. Joel harper,
    How many reps for exercise #3 and #4 of the fat burning exercise moves. ?It is not mentioned in the video or article on this website.
    Kathy Paull

  4. I can’t find the video and it doesn’t say here how long to do 2,3, or 4.

  5. I would like to know how many reps to do of exercises 3 and 4 of Joel Harper’s Four Fat burning Moves.
    Why wasn’t there an answer on the website? Kathie Paull asked the same question.

  6. xiaoxiao says:

    Not only need exercise to lose weight, but also the movement is necessary, and we should say light exercise is not enough.

  7. Losing weight means you can not eat junk food, can not eat one day casual breakfast, lunch and dinner there. This life can be a very painful thing, when you can not do what you want to do.

  8. Charlotte & Kathie Paul – I don’t think there is an answer for exactly how many reps you should do. It will vary by person and how much you can handles. I would say that you should start out doing each for a couple of minutes and see how your body handles it, then adjust accordingly. When in doubt about exercise, you should always check with your doctor before starting a new exercise regimen.

  9. For step 1, you are suppose to raise up on your toes while crossing your arms. This helps strengthen the calves and helps with improving your balance.

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