Dr. Oz: 4 Fatigue Fighters to Fight Exhaustion

The top health complaint that Dr. Oz receives is about exhaustion, so as part of Dr. Oz’s Ultimate Countdown he included 4 fatigue fighters to fight exhaustion.  Exhaustion and being tired is really a national health crisis.  People are tired before even getting out of bed, which they try to fight with coffee, caffeine and sugar.  Give these four fatigue fighters instead!

4 Fatigue Fighters to Fight Exhaustion:

Elle and Vanessa helped Dr. Oz to answer the fatigue fighter quiz, here are the results.

#4 Fatigue Fighter – No Snooze Button on Alarms

Which do you think is better, to hit the snooze button and get up 30 minutes later?  Or to get up when your alarm actually goes off?  Dr. Oz says to lose the snooze.  He says that the deeper sleep is when you have REM sleep (when you have dreams) and restorative sleep, but this can’t happen when your alarm is going off and you are hitting the snooze button.  So the extra 30 minutes of sleep you get after the snooze button does not actually help your fatigue.

#3 Fatigue Fighter – Aromatherapy

Dr. Oz put chamomile on one sponge and lemon oil on another sponge, and asked his helper which one would keep you most alert.  The correct answer is that lemon keeps you awake and alert.  So if you are feeling tired or sluggish, try putting some Lemon Oil on the inside of your wrists for an instant lemon lift!

#2 Fatigue Fighter – Multi-Vitamins

What can you do to counteract a big heavy lunch from making you tired?  Do you think it is DHA in fish oil and algae or a multi-vitamin?  Multi-vitamins after or before big meals are the right answer!  Normal arteries are big and fat, but when you eat a big meal, your arteries spasm and become smaller.  You want to dilate your arteries back to being bigger, and multi-vitamins do just that.  This is also the reason that it helps relieve fatigue if you eat tomatoes with a steak.

#1 Fatigue Fighter – D-Ribose

What do you think fights fatigue: selenium (found in fish and garlic) or D-Ribose?  The number one fatigue fighter is D-Ribose, which is sugar like.  You can put D-Ribose Powder into juice (especially less sweet juice like orange juice or grapefruit juice).


  1. Tom says

    I am appalled that Dr Oz considers Splenda and even Aspartame to be acceptable sweeteners. It shows a a lack of knowledege and a mainstream doctor’s attitude. Both are poisonous to the body.

  2. Samikat says

    Is Dr. Oz really telling us to take a ‘simple sugar’ (D-Ribose) to fight exhaustion?? Sugar has been declared poisonous to the body!

  3. Mee says

    Why would I buy this expensive D-ribose in tablet or powder form. If ribose can be made in your own body using cheap glucose. Glucose is made of 6 carbons, 12 hydorgens and 6 oxygens, while ribose is made of 5 carbons, 10 hydrogens and 5 oxygens.

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