Dr Oz: 4 Hours To The Perfect Body: Ice Therapy & Timothy Ferriss


Dr. Oz’s “4 Hours To The Perfect Body” show with Timothy Ferriss, author of The 4-Hour Body and The 4-Hour Workweek, was a life-changing one!!!  Tim Ferriss joined Doctor Oz to teach us three cutting edge techniques to lose weight including Ice Therapy, Eating 30 Grams of Protein Within 30 Minutes of Waking Up, and Pig Out Once a Week.  Sounds too good to be true, right?  These are definitely some weight loss and fat burning techniques worth checking out, so let’s get started on the next page…


  1. says

    Dr. Oz
    I was diagnosed with ischemic heart disease and didn’t fit the profile. I enjoy watching your show and I would enjoy watching a segment explaining that sometimes you can’t prefect hereditary from taking over.
    I’ve had undiagnosed allergy problems since the middle 1970. I was run through a multitude of allergy test in more than one occasion after going into anaphylactic shock. My diet and exercise program are a daily routine for me. Stretching was the first thing I did every morning. Exercise was just part of my life style. Even going into the artery procedure, my blood test didn’t show what was showing in the artery test. Not to mention I did amazingly well on my stress test. If I hear, “Your heart muscle is stronger than most men” one more time I am going to scream.
    My family has a history of heart disease and I might have delayed the inevitable, but certainly didn’t prevent it. Our family as a whole is very health conscious. In other words we like ourselves and have always enjoyed looking our best. (Best way to put it)
    I’ll continue to keep up my routine, but one thing I did notice the medication really messed up my body and all kinds of strange symptoms came up and difficult to explain to a cardiologist how you feel. Going to my family doctor and visiting with him was certainly my saving grace. My family doctor never gave up attempting to figure out my strange symptoms.

  2. Debby says

    I’m not fond of grapefruit and I’m also taking medication that says not to eat/drink grapefruit. Is there a substitute? And yes, how much do we drink?

  3. says

    I’m not sure if there is a substitute for grapefruit juice – perhaps his book answers this. If anyone reads it, please let us know! Here is a link to the book for anyone curious: The 4-Hour Body. I’m guessing the book will also answer the “how much” question. On the Dr Oz Show, they seemed to be doing shot glasses filled with grapefruit juice, but I am not sure if that was for convenience or to demonstrate the correct amount.

  4. Ty says

    As for the grapefruit juice–you need to drink a small 2/3 ounces or half a glass before you binge to help neutralize the sugar. You do the squats after you binge within an hour after you eat for 1 to 2 minutes to help open up the muscles to absorb/work off the calories instead of letting the calories go directly to fat storage. If that helps.

  5. Jim says

    I’m still reading the book, but I’m 2 weeks into the diet and have just started the exercise plan from The 4-Hour Body. I’m skinny, so my aim is not weight loss, but muscle gain. Not only does it have the effects of losing fat and gaining muscle, but it makes you feel really good too. Highly recommended 🙂 Jim

  6. Linda Brooks says

    I am worried about the grapefruit juice as it doesn’t react well with some meds like my bioidentical hormones and cholesterol meds

  7. pokey says

    Linda & Debby, I don’t believe he offers any substitutions, but the important aspects of grapefruit juice are fructose and naringin. Unless that’s what’s in grapefruit that interferes with meds, I think you could get a naringin supplement. Fructose is obviously easy to get naturally.

  8. Lorrain says

    Exercise and eat right. That’s all you need to lose weight. People don’t fall for this garbage, Doctor Oz should be ashamed.

  9. Robert says

    Dear Lorrain,

    What makes you an expert on health or weight loss? And what exactly does it mean to “eat right” ? The only garbage here is the spouting of your opinions on these matters of which you have no real knowledge or certification to provide advice on.

  10. Lorrain says

    I didn’t say I was an expert, but I happen to be one. As for eating right, I mean eating a of variety whole foods. and cutting down on junk foods such as potato chips, McDonald’s, etc. Is that so hard for you to understand? Maybe this can answer your question http://www.mypyramid.gov/guidelines/index.html
    As for the 4 hour body plan let me know if this is working for you in 6 months. Also, let me know if this something you can maintain for a lifetime.
    All the best.

  11. AF says

    If doing squats for 60-120 seconds after a binge helps…..than why not do them after EVERY time you eat???

  12. chrissy says

    i know some one who is doing this diet and he has lost 15 lb in three weeks. well to robert some time Exercise and eating right does not always do the trick . i Exercise daily and i dont eat junkfood or fast food i dont even eat fried foods and i cant lose weight. i am almost to the point of liposucktion or a tummy tuck so if this works i be really happy . each person has a diffrent body so what works for some one eles my not work for you.

  13. Thomas says


    I agree with your “exercise and eat right” comment, but why dismiss alternative techniques to assist with weight loss? Most people understand the eat right/exercise concept, but lack the will power and motivation. I didn’t see anything in Dr Oz’s segment that promoted a magical pill or quick fix, but the opposite and hopefully will encourage and motivate individuals to lose excess weight and live a healthy lifestyle.
    Chrissy, you are right, everyone is a little different. Some people may experience dramatic results with a workout/diet routine, while others experience less than desired results. The body adapts to exercise routines very rapidly. Look at changing things up in your workout routine with interval training, etc.

  14. Vee says

    This is one of the worst fad diets I’ve ever seen! None of suggestions make any sense. A basic knowledge of how the human body works would tell you that this couldn’t possible make you lose 2/3 pound per day.

  15. Ren says

    Lorrain, FYI, the FDA food pyramid is about as healthy as McDonald’s, as it is packed with sugars and starches. Plus, it still promotes overly processed foods. Nobody needs rice or whole grains for a healthy diet and in fact, grains are the downfall of the U.S. and cause the majority of the irritable bowel diseases diagnosed today (well and cow’s milk)! The problem is our diet lacks healthy proteins (meaning not pumped with antibiotics and hormones)! The main issue is the government is about cash flow, bottom line. Big industries have blocked the truth from getting out to the public for years. Just look at the hormones used in dairy products. Other countries have banned it b/c of it’s effects on the human endocrine system, yet our supposed watch dog government says it’s just perfectly fine. This is b/c the dairy industry has paid lots of money to ensure it is not banned! It’s sick and sad, but the truth is citizens must educate and inform each other, b/c the government is truly not concerned with our health as much as they are about keeping the big business (pharmies, dairy industry, meat industry, etc) happy and wealthy!

    The bottom line is, eating healthy is simple by going back to basics. Most people have no clue what basics are, but the idea is the less ingredients listed, the better. Having to cook and make your own dinner dishes is GOOD! Organic is best and also reducing your chemical exposure with plastics and pesticides. Focus on your physical health and being proactive to prevent diseases, rather than reactive with pills and new fads.

  16. Mark says

    If you are an expert, you’re a pretty crappy one. I DO eat a variety of foods, I never eat junk food, I only drink water, etc. To be fair, I’m not exactly fat, but I do have a noticeably protruding stomach to the point where people tell me “You look skinny everywhere except for your fat stomach” or “You look like a skinny pregnant girl.” Obviously the methods your terrible expertise recommends are not working for me. Is that so hard to understand? As for the new food pyramid, I’ve always eaten like that, and I eat a pretty small amount to begin with. Like, I generally get full way before my skinny friends, who eat like obese pigs, drink pop all the time and do less exercise than I do.

    Take your advice and shove it.

  17. Joe says

    If people have watched/listened/read Dr. Oz long enough, they should have long realized that Dr. Oz promotes healthy living. Never forget the purpose of weight-losing is to be healthy and living a long healthy life. With the kind of techinques promoted by Ferris, even if you could, a big if there, lose some weight, where is the evidence that this is medically sound? Dr. Oz said his unit checked out, where is the evidence and what have been checked, and the long term effect? One always knows that the human body is to some extent like a machine, you’ve got to be gentle with it. With such extreme treatment to your body, even if you loss a bound or two, your body might by damaged so that you may get short term or long term illness because of it without knowing it. If you really want to loss weight, I’m always puzzled by the fact that why some people just don’t understand the concept that if you take in more calories that what you consume, you’ll save them, and more in the form of fat. This has long been confirmed scientific fact. Simply eat less, and eat well — don’t tell me you don’t know what eat well means if you have long been a Dr. Oz fan — you’ll not only lose weight but do it healthily, and you’ll live a long healthy life. Of course this needs determination, but if you can endure being in a ice bath for 10 mins, I think you can find the will to do it more scientifically.

  18. Jay says

    This does work from first hand and direct second hand experience. Thing is, this approach only supplements good habits. Do not expect to follow these recommendations only while not having everything else dialed in. As far as air squats every time you eat…try it. You’ll be happy . The first cells to get insulin resistant are the liver and the muscle cells. Fat then has a free buffet to expand. Read WHY WE GET FAT AND WHAT WE CAN DO ABOUT IT. Forget long duration low intensity exercise and substitute higher intensity, brief, frequent exercise. Decide you are going to change your body and just do it. The one day refeed, don’t overdue it.

  19. Jeannett says

    after watching the show, I drink grapefruit shots before my 5 small meals a day,( I am hypoglycemic) do low impact cardio 4 times a week for a hour and do upper body excerises 3 times a week for 2 and half hours and I watch my sweets only one carmel square on my upper body workout days ,no sodas of any kind, I eat fruits, fat free yogert or cottage cheese with fresh fruits or no sugar can fruits, drink low fat milk, drink ensure 2 times a day, 8 glasses of water mixed with no sugar fruit juice and have a one correctly proportion meal by 3pm: 3 oz of meat, chicken or fish cooked by baking or steaming, 1/2 cup of fresh steamed 3 min vegetables, or a sandwitch on flat bread only 100 calories with a thinly applied fat free majo, and low fat cheese and chicken or fish topped with spinich. I have losed 2 to 3 pounds a week going from 180 to 170 pounds in a month…..it works for me…just a thought…

  20. Angel Sanchez says

    Hi! how grapefruit juice works in our body to lose weight? Thansk for your value answer. Bye.

  21. Holly the PharmD says

    To answer your questions about grapefruit juice and medications – yes there can be an interaction here, but you have to drink a LOT of grapefruit juice for this to occur (i.e. a couple of liters). So for the purposes of this diet, only taking a shot of grapefruit juice on the days you binge will not affect the metabolism of your medications.

  22. JayP says

    Tim offers some good advice with his slow carb diet. He also offers good advice with the exercise choices. What is not discussed is that if someone is morbidly obese, why they are losing weight is not because of ice or cold water, not because of air squats, it is because they are in a negative caloric balance. After all the fancy stuff, create a negative caloric balance and you will lose weight. Use resistance exercise and the makeup of that weight loss will be fat. The cold water and PAGG might help when you are lean and trying to get super lean. If your diet is not dialed in and you are not in a negative caloric balance, you will not lose weight. The folly and fiction of weight loss topics is crazy. The “don’t not eat because your body will go in starvation mode” “eat 6 times a day to stoke the metabolic fire” is all nonsense. Starvation mode occurs after a long low calorie intake. The thermal effects of food is scant at best.

  23. Johnny says

    Hey Guys, after only three whole days on the slow carb diet I have lost 2.6 pounds. I believe the slow carb diet is great for RAPID WEIGHT LOSS. However I am going to alter it, I am getting sick of eating the same foods over and over and being completely deprived of sugar. This morning I had to choke down my breakfast (trying to get 30g of protein within an hour of being awake). I really believe this rule to be extremely important but I think I am going to supplement some of this food with whey protein powder and ice water in the morning. It’s been 3 eggs, 4 turkey sausage links and 4 strips of bacon the past 4 mornings and today I almost threw up!

    Having absolutley no sugar is too difficult. I understand this is essential for rapid weight loss but I have realized that I don’t need to lose 5 pounds a week either. I still yet have to implement the air squats, wall presses, and ice therepy. Hopefully these will help.

  24. ray says

    with ice bath, which burns more calories and activates bat more, lower body up to wiast, or upper body, or are they similar

  25. reply to rray says

    This is a reply to ray’s question.

    “with ice bath, which burns more calories and activates bat more, lower body up to wiast, or upper body, or are they similar

    While, overall the upper body will burn more calories. The lower waist is safer. Lowering your main body’s core (specifically the heart area) is very unsafe. I would not recommend it to anyone here. Considering if your here seeking dieting advice, you are probably not in a safe medical condition to be doing ice baths period. (now I’m not speaking about everyone, nor am I stating that anyone seeking this advice is unhealthy, unsafe, or overweight: I’m simply stating that if you have to resort to these, the possibility is high) Anyways…. An icebath to the lower legs will only burn a large amount of calories for a small period of time before the amount of calories burned, drop drastically. This is because your body senses your body is freezing below and will restrict blood flow to your upper body only. (why you become numb). And I do not recommend anyone to put their head in ice… thinking this is where the most body heat is. This is stupid and unsafe and wouldn’t benefit over an upper core bath. If you’re willing to dunk your head in ice, you might as well just overdose on ephedrine, aspirin, and caffeine to lose weight and have a stroke. (even though the STAC is over rated and for weak individuals who are easily manipulated by chemicals) (and yes, as much as we’d like to not admit it as a society, chemical tolerance does exist; that includes alcohol)

  26. Sarrah says

    This is very good advice. People just need to remember that a healthy diet and lots of exercise are key, Dr. Oz’s suggestions are additives to a healthy diet and exercise. Ice baths work GREAT, that’s why they’ve been used for so long. As for the other suggestions, I’ve never tried them but it can’t hurt to try. And btw, the “Food Pyramid” is complete crap, no one should eat like that and it’s unreasonable to expect. The pyramid is absurdly outdated.

  27. eos says

    there is a method used in france called the bain derivatif. it consists of wearing a frozen gel pad (pretty much worn like a sanitary pad) over your underwear. the idea behind this is to get the brown fat moving around the body. apparently good for anything from weight loss to preventing other health issues. for everything else eat right (fruits,veggies), lots of water, cut down on sugar, salt, processed food and everything else in moderation, exercise and it won’t hurt to have a nice positive attitude towards life.

  28. says

    I am welling to try this way to stimulate a weight loss – once we get older it is a lot harder to shift those unwanted kilos especially if one has had some serious health issues in the past hindering any success in weight loss. I have Lipedema that also is an addition to the weight nightmare we sufferers have thus we have added difficulty when it comes to weight loss.

  29. anonymous says

    ive been doin this diet for a while and it seems to be working ive lost 10 pounds and i think you all should give it a try

  30. Jim Jones says

    Ooookay, I’ve both read and used the 4 hour body diet for quite some time and I can assure you that it does work but you have to do everything he says. Don’t think for one second that you can just drink some grapefruit juice, do some air squats and pig out. It’s not going to happen. There is no easy way to lose weight but this is the easiest of the ways to do it. The basics of the diet are this:

    -Absolutely no white foods at all during the week. No bread, no milk, no creamer, no sugar, no cheese nothing.
    -You can drink coffee but no creamer and no sugar, which are responsible for making you gain weight. Ferriss recommends flavoring your coffee with pumpkin spice which is actually quite good.
    -You must exercise, while you don’t have to walk on a stupid treadmill, you will be putting in hard work for a short period per week.
    -Essentially from Sunday to Friday you will eat a diet of lean protein, olive oil, salads (only balsamic and olive oil dressing) vegetables and beans. I used lentils mixed with homemade black bean hummus and this worked fine.
    -Saturday is your binge day, you get one day to eat whatever you want. I got sick of this after the first week and decided to binge once per month and use the other 3 Saturdays as carb loading days full of oatmeal, sweet potatoes and all the fruit I could eat. Fruit is only allowed on Saturday.

  31. denise says

    Thank you Jim Jones that was really helpful. I am such a health nut but am all over the place with when to eat carbs or fruit. I donot have two cents to rub together to buy the book, but loved the principals behind his principals.

    Wish I understood alittle bit better, why he speaks of so little exercise, and how menapause influences the outcome… Can anyone add insight, (besides lorraine who obviously doesn’t understand have a clue what is to fight genetics your entire life…very cold to state people should just eat healthy.)

    Thank you for those who can help.

  32. says

    @ Denise,
    hey girl. I havent read the book but I am a trainer and a medic and have menopause at only 30 because of prior illness… been on my own quest to thin back out and strangely enough, i am doing alot of these things already! I am doing 1 svg of fruit per and 2 veggies per day and i restrict myself to 25-35 net carbs per day… (carbs – fiber=net carbs)…. and a minimum of 90 grams of protein per day (30 at breakfast) no breads, grains, simple carbs like chips, and no alcohol…..anywho, i basically do 1200 calories…40% of my daily calories from protein, 30% from fat, and 30% from carbs ….I have lost 19 pounds in the last 6 weeks… hope this helps you out!!! calorie restrictions should be personalized based on your own situation and of course your workout regimen…. any time i hit a plateau…. i will actually add 200 calories a day protein and let my body get out of starvation mode, and it breaks it every time…. ( i do decrease calorie intake as weight decreases, but never below 1200) – use you BMR to calculate how many calories you need per day before physical activity and then reduce it by 200 and go from there

  33. Sarah says

    I started doing yoga but due to busy work routine, i couldn’t sustain it for long. So i brought home blue fat freeze system which has so far helped me lose 3 inches around my waist in 2 months. But consult a doctor before using this kit as its not effective for every one and a certain body structure is required

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