Dr Oz 5 Biggest Body Complaint Fixes: Laser Comb & Sterishoe


Dr Oz searched the country to find out what our 5 Biggest Body Complaints are.  From gray hair to cellulite, Doctor Oz got all kinds of responses on his online poll and from surveying people on the streets of NY.  It turns out that many of us are far too obsessed with out appearance.  Dr Oz said that 50% of all women are dissatisfied with their overall appearance.  Here are Dr Oz’s 5 Biggest Body Complaints and how to fix the problems! Dr Oz's 5 Biggest Body Complaints

Dr Oz: Pimples on Butt

Dr Oz was joined by Howard Brooks who said that people get Butt Pimples because acne can happen anywhere that you have oil glands or sebaceous glands.  Butt pimple causes include stress, hormones and even underwear.  Brooks said that you can use the same things you treat facial acne with to treat Butt Acne: salicylic acid, alpha hydroxy, or benzoyl peroxide (though my towels have suffered greatly from benzoyl peroxide because it bleaches fabrics… so only use this with white underwear and old clothes!).  You can also use an anti-aging product that contains retinol on your butt, because Retinol fights pimples on your butt too!

Dr Oz: Hair Loss: Laser Comb & Hair Building Fibers

Dr Oz was joinied by Valerie Callender to discuss what causes hair loss.  If you look inside of a woman’s ovaries, as she ages the ovaries shrivel and there are hormonal shifts that occur and impact the skin.  You get more testosterone and less estrogen, so you start to see thinning of hair on your head, male pattern baldness and facial hair.  Dr Oz said that 40% of women have balding spots.  Callender also said that having high levels of androgens can cause balding as well, so you may want to try using a different type of birth control pill.

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