Dr Oz: 5 Cancer Fighting Foods Prevent Cancer from Growing


Doctor Oz did a segment on How to Stop Cancer Growing Inside of You, and brought Dr. William Li, a Cancer Researcher at the Center for Biomedical Research, on the Dr Oz Show.  Dr. Li said that 2-3 servings of tomato a week can dramatically decrease your prostate cancer risks.  Dr. Li studies the use of food, as opposed to medicines manufactured in a lab, because many foods have natural ingredients that inhibit the growth of cancer.  5 Cancer Fighting Foods


  1. christine says

    Just a clarification….I just watched a re-run of the show listing the 4 cancer fighting foods and they mentioned eating 6 ounces of fish 3 times a week. The fish that was recommended was halibut and salmon since both are high in omega 3. I also add flaxseed to my diet since that is another source of omega 3.

  2. Ted Davenport says

    When you state to eat artichokes, can we stick to the hearts of artichokes or is it the leaves we want to eat?

  3. says

    Ted, I am not a doctor or a nutritionist, so I cannot tell you for sure… but I have never heard of anyone eating anything other than parts of the inside of the leaves and the artichoke hearts. Has anyone else heard otherwise?

  4. Jasmin says

    Don’t you mean ANTI-ANGIOGENIC? Anti-androgenic means these foods will block male hormones. Anti-angiogenic means they will aid in preventing tumors from forming new blood vessels. Which is it?

  5. says

    Jasmin, you are totally correct. Sometimes spell check fails me, and this is one of those times! Thank you so much for pointing out the mistake, I’ll fix it right now 🙂

  6. Larry O says

    Have you ever heard of “fucoidan”, I believe an herb, known in Japan to fight cancer? It has been highly recommended to me.

  7. Jaime T says

    Larry, I have also heard of fucoidan from a friend but he buys a supplement and not the actual brown seaweed. I believe it’s called Umino Shizuku, even though she said that this product is a little bit pricey, it has helped a lot. The tumor on her left side of her brain has shrunk big time and not only that, she’s really energetic rather than having no energy to do anything.

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