Dr. Oz: $5 Diet that Helped College Guy Nick Lost 140 Pounds!


Nick is the youngest person to enter the truth tube on Dr. Oz and he also now has had the youngest “real age” EVER.  He is 20 years old, but the truth tube’s real age for Nick is 14!!!  How did this college boy lose 140 pounds on a college kid budget?  Here are the frugal tips to follow:

Frugal Tip 1: Make it cheap but at the same time, nutritious.  One of Nick’s favorite things to cook is a Mexican taco / burrito / wrap.  You take a whole wheat tortilla and fill it with sliced grilled chicken breast, brown long grain rice, spinach leaves (which has iron and calcium, so better than lettuce), diced tomatoes (instead of salsa), and a little low-fat cheese.


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