Dr Oz: 5 Drugstore Medicine Deals: Generic Drugs & Pill Splitter

Doctor Oz did an absolutely invaluable show on topics like Free Healthcare, Cheap Glasses & Senior Discounts and the Insiders Guide to Get the Best for the Least.  In addition, Dr Oz gave a list of 5 ways to get deals at the drugstore with Suzy Cohen.  Prescription drugs cost a fortune and 150 million Americans take at least 1 prescription drugs.  However, 1 in 5 people do not fill their prescriptions anymore because the cost is too high.  15% of people cut their dose in half or skip it altogether.  25% of people with chronic illnesses are not getting the prescription drugs they need.  So this list will hopefully help a bunch of us so that we do not have to choose between groceries and medicine.

1. Buy Generic Drugs

Dr Oz said that Generic Drugs saves people money and Suzy Cohen said that Generic Drugs have to be manufactured Dr Oz How to Get Discount Prescription Medicineto the same standards as regular name brand drugs.  However, generic drugs can cost less since they do not incur the same cost of doing research and development.  Dr Oz suggested trying out a generic drug and seeing if it works for you, after talking to your doctor of course.

2. Split Your Pills

Dr Oz said that it can make sense to split your prescription, IF you do it correctly.  For example, if you need to take 20 mg of something every day, perhaps your doctor can write you a prescription for 40 mg and you can split each pill in half.  But ask your doctor if its ok to split the pill in half.  Suzy Cohen said that often if the pill says XR, TR or ER on it, then you cannot split it, crush it or break it.  Dr Oz said you can even buy a Pill Splitter for $5 to help you cut your pills in half easily.

3.  Shop Around for Best Price

You should call various pharmacies at wholesale warehouses like Sam’s Club, Costco, Bj’s, along with supermarket pharmacies, drug stores and discount stores like Target and Walmart.  Sometimes you can find a pharmacy that will give you a 30 day supply for $4 or a 90 day supply for $10, if your medicine falls on their list.  You can also ask your doctor for free samples to try out the drug before buying it, to make sure it works for you.

4.  Pharmacy Loyalty Card

The Pharmacy Loyalty Card is what they scan at the register and it gives you points when you make purchases.  Over the long run, you can get money back, great deals on Over-The-Counter products and some days of the week you can get better deals as well.  In addition, signup for the pharmacy’s newsletter on their website.

5.  Medicine Online – VIPPS Seal

Dr Oz showed a blue oval seal called the VIPPS National Association of Boards of Pharmacy seal that you must see on any website you order your drugs from.  This seal protects you from getting anything counterfeit.  Also, checkout NABP.com for more details.

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