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Dr Oz: 5 Body Types

On today’s show, “5 Fat Busters, 5 Body Types, 5 Days”, Dr Oz showed you that yes, you can target your problem areas and shed fat. Got a big booty, big belly or even just fat all over? Don’ t fret, in 5 days, Doctor Oz will help you get rid of those trouble areas.


  1. Robyn Hilbert says

    Where is the 5th meal there are only 4 mention and I did not here him say the 5th meal on the show ?

  2. Sharrie Miller says

    I have looked EVERYWHERE for this raspberry ketone. No one has it. There are SO MANY brands online, and so many from out of the country which we know from Dr. Oz is not good. What brand is recommended and where can I find it??

  3. Mari says

    Were is the “big overall” statis?? Is it just the Raspberry keystones?? Anybody wants to know I purchased the raspberry keystones today at our local GNC health food store.

  4. nancy says

    I saw the raspberry ketone on gnc’s website but thought I might find it cheaper in the store, the store doesnt carry it and they dont even have it their website anymore. The vitamin shoppe doesnt carry it either. I’m hesitant to buy it from just any website. Any suggestions anyone?

  5. Fazzie says

    I went to our local health food store and was told the Raspberry Keytone Supplements aren’t available in Canada 🙁 So, I just purchaded the CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) instead and am hoping for the best. It appears that resident’s of the USA have more choices and I sure wish we had a Canadian version of Dr. OZ.

  6. says

    Hi Nancy, I ordered the raspberry ketones in powder form @ cur ease. They were out of the pill form so I decided to try the powder. (Google cur ease)

  7. Dan Lewis says

    Belly Busting Diet:
    Do you have to use poached eggs? Can you use hard boiled eggs? Any swiss good? Not a big swiss fan, but baby swiss isn’t as bad.

  8. debra says


  9. nancy says

    Teena, Thanks! I’ll search for it. And yeah, I’ve been doing the breakfast [belly fat] and today was day 3. So what happens after day 5? do we continue to eat that? or what?

  10. Fazzie says

    I am taking Synthroid 0.075 mg for Thyroid, Apo-Hydro 25mg for high blood pressure, and Crestor for high cholesterol. Can anyone tell me if it is SAFE FOR ME to take Raspberry Ketones with this medication?

  11. Goodwilly says

    I had surgery when I was 18 and was expecting a child at the same time but didn’t know it. After surgery the scare from the surgery is on the right side of my “lower stomach,” then there is fat and my waist was somewhere in the middle of all of that, and then there is the other part of my stomach that hangs over the waist.

    I was home taking a late lunch and turned on Dr. Oz. He talked about the 5 meals. That didn’t seem hard to do, just eat and watch to see what would happen.

    I started the belly busting breakfast. My waist was 47 and my upper stomach was 46 inches. After 12 days (the number of slices of Swiss Chees in the package) I measured. My waist is now 44 inches and my upper stomach is now 45 inches. That is a difference of 3 inches at the waist and 1 inch on my upper stomach. I am never hungry when it comes to lunch time. I drink my water and I am able to tie my shoes without having to stop and sit up, then go back down and tie the other show.

    I am now able to see my feet and will continue with this breakfast. I will now add another area to my body in March until I am eating three fat buster meals and adding the protein shake so that my entire meal selection burns fat and remakes my body in the areas that I want to reduce. It is easy to change my eating habits so that I can burn fat instead of storing it.

    Thanks Dr. Oz!

  12. tammy says

    On your show today 3-28-12 5 day fat buster. You skipped. The last body type fat all over. What is the secret for that what do we need to eat for 5 days. Then after 5 days then what? Do we continue for how long. I am obese what will work for me.

    Thank you Tammy

  13. Mary Forrrester says

    I’m disappointed, this is the 3 rd time i tried accessing the recipies and I get only one or two things and 50.000 advertisements. I wanted to try the 5 body recipies. The only one avaliable was the liquid protein drink. I’m an unhappy stressed out OZ follower but NOT again.

  14. Judy Fazio says

    Can any one tell me if its safe for me to take Raspberry Keytones? I really want to try!

    As per “Killer Combinations of Food & Medicines” by Dr. Oz it says Graperfruit & cholesterol medicines can lead to kidney damage!!

    I take Crestor and am under the impression that Rapberry Keytones contain Grapefruits juice.

    Really hoping there isn’t enough to cause damage & maybe the Keytones don’t really contain Grapefruit. Am so struggling with weight from my Thyroid condition & getting desperate!

  15. Stephanie says

    I read on anoter Dr Oz site that Raspberry Keytones are not good for anyone on Warfarin or other like it… so check before taking if on medsI think the 5 days refers to – you’ll see a difference in 5 days, but you can certainly keep taking.
    Anyone who is looking to loose belly – and lots more might consider the prevention mag “Flat Belly Diet” ,y husband & I went on it 4 yrs. ago and it has continued to be a way of eating for life for us…. we are mre in control of our eating and we love our meals — the belly busting meal is a typical weekend breakfast we might have – monounsaturated fats, the good fats . Good luck all.

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