Dr Oz: 5 Fat Busting Meals for 5 Body Types | Red Clover Meal

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Dr Oz: 5 Fat Busting Meals for 5 Body Types | Red Clover Meal

By on February 6, 2012

Dr Oz: 5 Body Types

On today’s show, “5 Fat Busters, 5 Body Types, 5 Days”, Dr Oz showed you that yes, you can target your problem areas and shed fat. Got a big booty, big belly or even just fat all over? Don’ t fret, in 5 days, Doctor Oz will help you get rid of those trouble areas.

Don’t believe Dr Oz? Science says you can do it, too. The research reveals the revolutionary approach to target fat areas and all it takes is one meal. Replacing 1 meal a day, activates your body’s fat burning mechanism. The food you eat alters body chemistry and determine where fat is store. The good news is that with 1 fat busting meal, you can finally say goodbye to that muffin top or those thunder thighs. Change your shape in just 5 days!

Dr Oz: Big Bottom Fat Buster

Dr Oz says 2/3 of all women have this body type.

Dr Oz Fat Busters

Dr Oz Fat Busters

Studies show that a big butt isn’t as dangerous as belly fat, and in fact, your big bottom many even protect you from deadly diseases. Unfortunately, the backside is the first place you gain weight.

Kelly Anne, an audience member, told Dr Oz she felt she had a bigger bottom. She felt self-conscious, feeling everyone was looking at her when she walked down the street. She told Dr Oz that she would go to the gym more if she had a smaller bottom because she would look better in her tight fitting gym clothes. (Go to the gym AFTER losing weight? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose? However, I totally get what she means!)

Dr Oz: Red Clover Fat Busting Meal

Fat Busting Meal:

Red clover meal- This meal contains very little fat and more carbs and protein.

Pasta Primavera:
– 2 C Red Clover Tea
-I C whole wheat pasta
– 2/3 C cooked chicken strips
-2 C veggies
-1 can of tomatoes
– ½ C edamame.

The secret is the red clover tea. Have 2 cups of tea with the pasta dinner to help regulate estrogen. For best fat busting results, have this meal once a day for 5 days.

Dr Oz Bonus Bottom Busting Tip: Sit on hard, firm seats for a non-workout workout.

Dr Oz: Big Belly Fat Buster Meal

Fifty percent of women have big bellies. This fat stored near the heart is dangerous because of increased risk of heart disease, diabetes and even cancer. The good news is that it’s easier to lose belly fat than anywhere else on the body. If you trim 2-inches from your gut, you can reduce your risk of heart disease by 50 percent.

Kelly, an audience member, told Dr Oz that her kids constantly told her she had a marshmallow in her mid section. (Yet another reason to not have kids!) They tell her that she looks like a marshmallow on a stick.

Fat Busting Meal:

CLA (Conjugated Lineolic Acid) breakfast. Eggs, cheese, CLA supplement.

-whole wheat english muffin
-olive oil
-poached egg
-Swiss cheese
-1000 mg CLA.

Tomatoes are low in calories and a natural diuretic. Pair this meal with a CLA capsule to turn off the fat storage. This will allow you to burn off the fat. Eat this breakfast 5 days a week to help bust your belly. Plus, this meal won’t leave you feeling hungry for lunch.

Dr Oz: Big On Top Fat Buster Meal

Women who are big on top (arms, chest) put the heart at risk. You can make the issue worse with stress and lack of protein.

Pamela, an audience member, stated that she didn’t like anyone hugging her because she was bigger on top. She avoided tube or tank tops because she’s embarrassed by her larger arms. She doesn’t even want to swim in her backyard pool because she doesn’t like putting on bathing suits. Pamela told Dr Oz that it was easy for her to lose weight on the bottom but it was almost impossible to lose weight on her top.

Dr Oz: Tex Mex Salad Recipe

Fat Busting Meal: L Carnitine lunch. Boost your metabolism with a Tex Mex salad and emphasize the dairy in your diet with sour cream.

-3 C baby spinach
-1/2 C corn (frozen/defrosted or canned)
-1/2 C black beans
-1/4 C red onions, sliced into half moons
-1/4 C avocado, cut cross wise into thin slices
-1/2 C salsa
-1 Tbsp low-fat sour cream

L-carnatine stimulates growth hormone and will turn on mechanism to burn off fat. Combine with vitamin C for 5 days in a row.

Dr Oz: Big Thighs Fat Buster Meal

Fat on thighs is not metabolically active and being stored for the future. For those trying to fit in their skinny jeans, it’s a nightmare.

Christine, an audience member, told Dr Oz that she lost 40 lbs, but only from the waist up. She still had her thunder thighs. The bad news is, the thighs are the last place to lose weight. The good news; it’s still possible.

Dr Oz: Liquid Lunch Protein Drink Recipe

Fat Busting Meal: liquid lunch protein drink with white kidney bean extract: low fat, high protein diet. You can combine:

1 C water
Ice cubes
1 scoop whey protein
½ banana
Handful of frozen blueberries
½ pack milled flaxseed
1 tsp unsweetened cocoa
White kidney bean extract

You can also purchase an pre-made protein shake (30 grams) and combine with white kidney bean extract to it.

Bonus tip: add 1 tsp of cinnamon per day to regulate blood sugar.

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Comments to Dr Oz: 5 Fat Busting Meals for 5 Body Types | Red Clover Meal

  1. maria pantano says:

    What happened to the fat overall body type meal?

  2. Robyn Hilbert says:

    Where is the 5th meal there are only 4 mention and I did not here him say the 5th meal on the show ?

  3. Do you need to take CLA Supplement and Rasberry Kentone with the Breakfast to help you lose belly fat? that aired on Monday 6, 2012 show.

  4. Sharrie Miller says:

    I have looked EVERYWHERE for this raspberry ketone. No one has it. There are SO MANY brands online, and so many from out of the country which we know from Dr. Oz is not good. What brand is recommended and where can I find it??

  5. I lost 39 pounds by eating less then normal ..

  6. I think the Big All Over is the Raspberry Ketone

  7. Were is the “big overall” statis?? Is it just the Raspberry keystones?? Anybody wants to know I purchased the raspberry keystones today at our local GNC health food store.

  8. Can anyone tell me what does the CLA stands for?

  9. where can you buy the raspberry keystones and what is the 5 meal you need to eat thank you lucy

  10. CLA stands for Conjugated Lineolic Acid

    Question: Any other stores that sell respberry keytone pills? GNC or online?

  11. Re the ‘Large thigh’ meal, what is the actual measure for the milled flax seed?

  12. I saw the raspberry ketone on gnc’s website but thought I might find it cheaper in the store, the store doesnt carry it and they dont even have it their website anymore. The vitamin shoppe doesnt carry it either. I’m hesitant to buy it from just any website. Any suggestions anyone?

  13. I went to our local health food store and was told the Raspberry Keytone Supplements aren’t available in Canada :( So, I just purchaded the CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) instead and am hoping for the best. It appears that resident’s of the USA have more choices and I sure wish we had a Canadian version of Dr. OZ.

  14. Hi Nancy, I ordered the raspberry ketones in powder form @ cur ease. They were out of the pill form so I decided to try the powder. (Google cur ease)

  15. Belly Busting Diet:
    Do you have to use poached eggs? Can you use hard boiled eggs? Any swiss good? Not a big swiss fan, but baby swiss isn’t as bad.

  16. What happens after teh 5 days are up. Do you continue or do you stop?

  17. Do u do these meals for 5 days every week or just for 1 week?


  19. Teena, Thanks! I’ll search for it. And yeah, I’ve been doing the breakfast [belly fat] and today was day 3. So what happens after day 5? do we continue to eat that? or what?

  20. How much avocado do you use? How much Swiss cheese.?


  22. GNC has the Ketones

  23. I am taking Synthroid 0.075 mg for Thyroid, Apo-Hydro 25mg for high blood pressure, and Crestor for high cholesterol. Can anyone tell me if it is SAFE FOR ME to take Raspberry Ketones with this medication?

  24. I had surgery when I was 18 and was expecting a child at the same time but didn’t know it. After surgery the scare from the surgery is on the right side of my “lower stomach,” then there is fat and my waist was somewhere in the middle of all of that, and then there is the other part of my stomach that hangs over the waist.

    I was home taking a late lunch and turned on Dr. Oz. He talked about the 5 meals. That didn’t seem hard to do, just eat and watch to see what would happen.

    I started the belly busting breakfast. My waist was 47 and my upper stomach was 46 inches. After 12 days (the number of slices of Swiss Chees in the package) I measured. My waist is now 44 inches and my upper stomach is now 45 inches. That is a difference of 3 inches at the waist and 1 inch on my upper stomach. I am never hungry when it comes to lunch time. I drink my water and I am able to tie my shoes without having to stop and sit up, then go back down and tie the other show.

    I am now able to see my feet and will continue with this breakfast. I will now add another area to my body in March until I am eating three fat buster meals and adding the protein shake so that my entire meal selection burns fat and remakes my body in the areas that I want to reduce. It is easy to change my eating habits so that I can burn fat instead of storing it.

    Thanks Dr. Oz!

  25. On your show today 3-28-12 5 day fat buster. You skipped. The last body type fat all over. What is the secret for that what do we need to eat for 5 days. Then after 5 days then what? Do we continue for how long. I am obese what will work for me.

    Thank you Tammy

  26. for the cla big belly breakfast how do I make it and how much do I use?

  27. Mary Forrrester says:

    I’m disappointed, this is the 3 rd time i tried accessing the recipies and I get only one or two things and 50.000 advertisements. I wanted to try the 5 body recipies. The only one avaliable was the liquid protein drink. I’m an unhappy stressed out OZ follower but NOT again.

  28. Judy Fazio says:

    Can any one tell me if its safe for me to take Raspberry Keytones? I really want to try!

    As per “Killer Combinations of Food & Medicines” by Dr. Oz it says Graperfruit & cholesterol medicines can lead to kidney damage!!

    I take Crestor and am under the impression that Rapberry Keytones contain Grapefruits juice.

    Really hoping there isn’t enough to cause damage & maybe the Keytones don’t really contain Grapefruit. Am so struggling with weight from my Thyroid condition & getting desperate!

  29. Stephanie says:

    I read on anoter Dr Oz site that Raspberry Keytones are not good for anyone on Warfarin or other like it… so check before taking if on medsI think the 5 days refers to – you’ll see a difference in 5 days, but you can certainly keep taking.
    Anyone who is looking to loose belly – and lots more might consider the prevention mag “Flat Belly Diet” ,y husband & I went on it 4 yrs. ago and it has continued to be a way of eating for life for us…. we are mre in control of our eating and we love our meals — the belly busting meal is a typical weekend breakfast we might have – monounsaturated fats, the good fats . Good luck all.

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