Dr Oz: 5 Foods to Make You Look Younger

Doctor Oz knows that women spend billions of dollars each your on serums and potions to make us look younger.  But did you know that there are foods with great anti-aging properties?  Why not try including these in your diet, maybe we can save money on the serums that way!  Basically, you can think of your cells like a balloon.  If you have shrunken and shriveled cells, then they are like a balloon without air in it.  However, if you fill your body with the right nutrients, you will get plump firm cells, like a balloon filled with helium.  And before you know it, your skin is fully nourished and your skin glows. Dr Oz 5 Foods To Make You Look Younger

Dr Oz’s Foods That Makes You Look Younger

1.  Guava

Did you know that guava has 4 times more vitamin C than a regular orange?  Guava are from Mexico and South America, but they are definitely making their way into our grocery stores in North America.  By eating guava, you help to build collagen in your dermis.  So eating guava is kind of like a natural botox to get rid of wrinkles.  Dr Oz recommended that you eat 2 cups of guava a week.

2.  Wheat Germ

The zinc found in wheat germs helps with wound healing and repairing cells.  Zinc is also good for people with skin problems like cirrhosis, eczema and even acne.  My husband suffers from the worst form of eczema, so I hope he enjoys eating all of the wheat germ I will now be serving him!

3.  Romaine Lettuce

Dr Oz said romaine lettuce is high in Vitamin A, and in fact is the highest in Vitamin A of all leafy greens that you put into your salad.  Vitamin A helps to renew skin cells and to restore your complexion.  Dr Oz suggested eating 6 leaves of romaine lettuce each day.

4.  Brazil Nuts

Brazil Nuts contain Selenium, and two nuts are all you need each day.  Dr Oz knows that these are the nuts that are always left in a jar of mixed nuts, because I really do not know anyone who loves them… but two a day is not bad.  Selenium helps to repair skin cells.  So if you have skin damage from sunburns or pollution, brazil nuts can help repair the damage!

5.  Tomatoes

Dr Oz is always talking about how lycopene in tomatoes helps to reduce heart disease and cancer rates, but who knew that lycopene also works as a natural UV sunscreen to protect you from the sun.  Eat 10 TB of tomato sauce each week for added sun protection.  Also, don’t forget that you need to cook your tomatoes to get the maximum benefit out of the lycopene in the tomatoes… or you can just do what Dr Oz said which is to look for low salt and low sugar tomato sauce options.


  1. says

    Barry, I am sure there are tons of recipes that include wheat germ… but just to get you started, you could add it to a bread recipe, include it in breading for chicken cutlets, sprinkle it on top of oatmeal… My grandmother actually sprinkled wheat germ on her yogurt and ice cream… Have you tried whet germ before?

  2. Barry says

    Yes; have some in the fridge as we speak. I’ve put some on cereals and salads before. Just don’t see 1/2 C per day being realistically attainable. A sprinkle here and there may be the solution; just need to be sure they’re multiple super big sprinkles. I’m going to Kretschmer.com for recipe ideas.

  3. Barry says

    Grr.. That was a waste. Just took me to the QuakerOats (a PepsiCo company) website. Lots of recipes using Quaker products but not able to search for ones containing Wheat Germ. Humph..

  4. Butch says


    Stop being a sissy. Wheat germ does NOT need to be cooked. You can eat it right out of the jar. Mix it with water, juice, non-dairy milk and sprinkle it on virtually anything. I find that eating 4 tablespoons per day keeps my skin looking excellent. My skin used to be dry and nasty because I live in the desert. Wheat germ is healthy and help me look good.

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