Dr Oz: $5 Friday Cash Giveaway & $5 Weight Loss, Sleep & Stress Tips

Dr Oz did a show called $5 Friday which I am sure that all of us our excited about, because Dr Oz is doing a Cash Giveaway.  Three lucky people will win $3150 from Dr Oz on Monday at 3 PM.  I will tell you how to enter to win Dr Oz’s Cash Giveaway in just a moment.  Doctor Oz also gave $5 Solutions for stress, sleep, and weight loss.  Some of the great $5 Friday tips include a Pool Noodle Massage, Rene Barbier Mediterranean Wine, Crackling Fire Sound Effect, Liquid Melatonin Extract, a Salad Blaster Bowl, Psyllium, and Pure Coconut Water.  Don’t worry, I will explain what are so special about all of these things below!

How to Enter Dr Oz’s Cash Giveaway

I am sure that everyone wants to know how Dr Oz’s $5 Friday Free Cash Giveaway works.  Dr Oz gave everyone in his audience a $5 bill, and the lucky ladies who got a $5 bill with Dr Oz’s face  n it got a chance to go Dr Oz $5 Fridayinto a cash machine.  Each lady had 10 seconds to grab as many $5 bills as they could.  They were only allowed to pick up money from the air (not from the ground) and they had to catch one colored bill as well.  The first lady got $155 by stuffing money down her shirt – she was amazing!  So Dr Oz added a zero to the end and the amount of $5 Friday Win At Home money became $1550.  The next lady got $85 which became $850 for us to win and the final lady caught $75 which became $750 for Dr Oz’s Cash Giveaway.  If you add up all of these numbers, this means that three lucky people at home will win $3150 next week!

Dr Oz: Pool Noodle Massage

Dr Oz was joined by Carmen Wong Ulrich, author of The Real Cost of Living, to teach us how to improve our lives for only $5.  Dr Oz asked Ulrich what she would do to reduce stress if she only had $5.  She said that massages are great but expensive, so you want to replicate the sensation at home and use your imagination to fill in the blanks.  You probably have some Pool Noodles lying around your house from the summer, especially if you have kids.  Or you can buy Pool Noodles online for $2.  There are two Pool Noodle Massages that you can do.  One is to lie on the ground with the pool noodle horizontal beneath your back and roll up and down.  The second massage is to lie with the Pool Noodle vertically along your spine and then roll side to side.

Dr Oz: Rene Barbier Mediterranean Wine – $5 Wine

Dr Oz said that the next $5 stress reduction item has to do with wine and how alcohol effects your brain.  When you are trying to go to sleep at the end of the day and you have a million things on your mind, you have stress neurotransmitters constantly firing and not letting you relax.  By drinking a little wine, you slow down the ability of your neurotransmitters to wreak so much havoc.  Carmen Ulrich said that Spanish and Portuguese wines are very inexpensive while being great quality.  You can get a delicious bottle of Rene Barbier Mediterranean Wine for $4.49 online.

Dr Oz: Crackling Fire Sound Effect Sleep Remedy

Dr Oz said that the sleep industry is a 23 billion dollar industry because so many of us have difficulty getting a good nights sleep.  One easy and very affordable option to get the voices in your head to stop repeating your to-do list to you is to take what Carmen Ulrich calls a Fire and Ice Approach.  The sound of crackling fire is very relaxing and for just 99 cents, you can download a Crackling Fire Sound Effect online.

Dr Oz: Sleep Ice Packs

Ulrich also said that you want to be cool while you sleep and people sell Sleep Ice Packs for $30.  But you can save a few dollars and get a regular ice pack that you just slip inside of your pillow case to keep you cool at night – plus it is very soothing.  I wonder if this would help Menopausal ladies with Night Flashes?

Dr Oz: Melatonin Extract & Chamomile Tea

Dr Oz said that a great Sleep Remedy is to mix 2 tsp of Liquid Melatonin Extract into a glass of chamomile tea before you go to bed.

Dr Oz: Salad Blaster Bowl

I absolutely love the idea of the Salad Blaster Bowl!  You put your salad in the plastic bowl portion of the container and then there is a little compartment in the lid of the Salad Blaster Bowl that holds just two ounces of dressing.  So, your salad will not get soggy at work!  All you do is push down on the little salad dressing compartment and the salad dressing gets dispensed over the salad, you shake it up, and you have the perfect fresh salad.  Dr Oz said that you can buy the Salad Blaster Bowl at The Container Store.

Dr Oz: Psyllium for Weight Loss

Dr Oz said that Psyllium Seeds or Psyllium Tablets are a fabulous fiber that make you feel full so that you eat less.  Just eat one Psyllium Wafer and a glass of water, to prevent constipation and gas.

Dr Oz: Coconut Water Boosts Metabolism

Dr Oz said that Pure Coconut Water costs around $2 and boosts your metabolism because Coconut Water contains Arginine.  You do not have to do any extra work, by just drinking the Coconut Water your metabolism will work harder.

Dr Oz: Free Cash Giveaway

For a chance to win $3150 in Dr Oz’s Free Money Giveaway, log onto Dr Oz’s website at 3 pm on January 10, 2011.  The first three people to go to Dr Oz’s website on January 10th at 3 pm will each win $3150!


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