Dr Oz: $5 Friday: St Ives Clay Mask & Dickinsons Witch Hazel Towelettes


Dr Oz did a show called $5 Friday to teach us tons of great ways to spend less while getting amazing results for everything from sleep to weight loss to beauty treatments.  Doctor Oz was joined by Holly Carter, Beauty Director of People StyleWatch, to teach us how to Spend $5 to Look 5 Years Younger.  You do not have to spend a fortune to keep your face looking young!  With great products like St Ives Mineral Clay Firming Mask, Dickinson’s Witch Hazel Towelettes, and Dr Oz’s $5 Facial, we will all look beautiful and save a lot of money!

Dr Oz: $5 to Look 5 Years Younger

Dr Oz found two women with crazily expensive anti-aging beauty routines – though I have to admit that many of us (myself included!) are also guilty Dr Oz $5 Friday Beauty of paying way too much for anti-aging products.  Susan has a closet full of creams, skin toners, and serums to help moisturize, exfoliate, and tone her skin.  She even had a “Magic Wrinkle Wand” that cost $150 and claims to get rid of wrinkles.  She plugs in the magic wand, waits for it to get cool, and applies it to her face every morning.  Susan spends around $250 a month on creams and potions.


  1. Carol Reynolds says

    Most of the things Dr Oz mentions to buy I can’t find them in stores are the only on line Like St Ives clay mask they have everything but at walgreens

  2. salli says

    I have been looking everywhere for the mineral clay mask and can’t find it at any store. I contacted St Ives, and the said that its been discontinued, someone should let Dr Oz know that he’s promoting products that don’t exist.

  3. S Rybolt says

    True, you can’t find the St Ives Clay Mask in stores. Amazon.com has the St Ives Clay Mask for $5.49 each. I purchased a combination of the clay mask, moisturizer and microderm for $23 w/o shipping. I am a fond user of Mary Kay so I’m willing to try something new for comparison of product and of course price

  4. Orlanda Furiosa says

    No, Amazon is out of the St. Ives Clay Mask, which is bogus anyway. Just wanted to see what else Oz. is selling the women in his audiences. Mr. Snake-Oil Salesman is on the go every day of
    the week.

  5. Lunore says

    Another good anti aging treatment for your skin: Sake. It’s an old geisha beauty secret because it helps with cell turnover.
    Sephora sells a $35 sake bubble bath, but a bottle only costs about $8 at the liquor store
    need to smooth out wrinkles?: Preparation H
    I also occasionally use small strips of duct tape at night (as opposed to frownies) to prevent creases on my face when I sleep at night, since I’m usually a side sleeper.
    need some exfoliationg?: Lava soap
    How’s that for cheap? XD

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