Dr. Oz: 5 Health Tests Every Man Needs with Dr. Harry Fisch

Dr. Oz had 200 men on his show today to teach them the 5 tests that every man needs with Dr. Harry Fisch, author of Size Matters.  The 5 tests include a prostate exam, guaiac test (poop test), colonoscopy and testosterone test.  These tests could save your life, so send this to all the important men in your life!!!

Self Testicular Exam:

With early detection of testicular cancer, you can increase your chances of survival by 90%.  Dr. Harry Fisch said that the risk factors for testicular cancer include being under 40, Caucasian, and having a family history of testicular cancer.  Men should check their testicles every time they shower by gently applying pressure to the testicles with your thumb and index finger.  If you feel a hard bean in your testicle, this could be testicular cancer, and you should go to the doctor immediately.  Dr. Oz gave a bunch of men a simulated bag of testicles and one of them had the cancerous testicle.  A man named Andre thought he had it, but really a man named Winston was the one with the simulated cancerous testicle.  This just goes to show that if you feel something that you think might be testicular cancer, you should have a doctor check it out, but try to remain calm until the doctor examines you, because it may in fact be nothing.

Prostate Exam:

Dr. Oz asked his audience and 68% have never had a prostate exam.  The way a prostate exam is done is through a digital (or finger) rectal exam to look for irregularities in the tissue inside your anus.  Everyone should get a prostate exam by the age of 40, but definitely by the age of 50.  To show how easy a prostate exam is, Dr. Oz had the first live prostate exam on TV!  Robert volunteered to have a prostate exam from Dr. Harry Fisch.  Dr. Fisch did the prostate exam by putting some lubricant on his finger and putting it inside of Rober’ts rectum to examine the size of the prostate and to look for rectal cancer.  All that Robert felt was a little pressure, there was no discomfort or pain and Robert was completely shocked at how quick a prostate exam is.  After the prostate exam, Dr. Fisch took a little stool from on his finger and put it onto a card with some developer liquid that turns dark blue if there is blood in the stool.  Blood in the stool would be an indication of colon cancer or bleeding ulcers.  Some preventive measures to keep prostate cancer away include antioxidant rich foods like green tea and pomegranate juice, foods with lycopene like tomatoes and red sauces, and prescription medications called finasteride or propecia (which also has the positive side effect of growing more and thicker hair)!

Guaiac Test (Poop Test):

The guaiac test (poop test) is what Dr. Fisch did at the end of Robert’s prostate exam where he tested the stool for blood.  You can also do this test at home with a Hemoccult kit.


A colonoscopy detects cancer and can even help to cure and get rid of cancer.  If you are over 50, you must have a colonoscopy, so pick up the phone and schedule one right now.  If you just have small cancerous polyps in your colon, these are easily removed.  However, if these polyps are ignored, they can grow too large and then you will have to have the entire colon removed, and even worse, the cancer can spread to your liver too.

Testosterone Test:

A testosterone test is a simple blood test to test your testosterone levels.  If you have low testosterone, you tend to be overweight, sluggish and will have more weight around your girth.  You can improve your testosterone levels by getting rid of body fat (especially belly fat) or you can get anti-estrogen pills, gels or injections.


  1. Docwrite says

    Colonoscopy may not be as good at reducing risk or preventing colon cancers as previously thought. Recent studies suggest that it is reduces risk of Left sided colorectal cancer and not the colon cancers that arise in right side of the colon.

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