Dr Oz: 5 Healthy Restaurant Meals | Applebee’s & Red Lobster


Dr Oz: Healthy Restaurant Meals

Dr Oz gave same great tips on how to Dress Skinny, but now we need to know what to eat to lose weight! On today’s show, Doctor Oz brought out Restaurateur, Scott Conant and Food Critic, Danyell Freeman to demonstrate how you can eat healthy foods while still eating out. Dr Oz researched and picked 5 of your favorite chain restaurants. When it came to taste, Dr Oz had Danyell and Scott check out the healthiest and tastiest dishes. The 5 restaurants included Applebee’s, Olive Garden, Ruby Tuesday, Red Lobster and Pizzaria Uno. (Dr Oz had no relations to any of these restaurants.)

Dr Oz: Applebee’s Sizzling Asian Shrimp and Broccoli

Contained on their healthy section menu


  1. Marie says

    The fat grams are my only concern in most of these restaurant meals. If you cholestoral is high this seems to be a lot of fat grams.

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