Dr Oz: $5 Heartburn Remedies: Books Underneath Bed Headboard & Lozenges


As part of Dr Oz’s $5 Friday, Doctor Oz spoke about $5 Heartburn Remedies.  Before you have a big meal, you might one to consider Dr Oz’s $5 Heartburn Healers.  Dr Oz picked a $5 Friday Assistant of The Day named Joann from seat 51 who said that she gets heartburn a few times a week and it makes it hard for her to sleep.  She thinks that her heartburn is caused by Acid Reflux Disease, which she has had on and off since she was pregnant with her first son 12 years ago.

Dr Oz: What Causes Heartburn?

Dr Oz said that if you all at the stomach, you will see an esophagus coming down out of the stomach.  The area where the stomach Dr Oz $5 Heartburn Curesconnects to the esophagus is a pretty thin area, but normally the stomach pulls itself around the esophagus to help protect it.  However, when you gain weight, the stomach gets pulled down from the extra weight and the kink that is usually between the esophagus and the stomach gets pulled out.  This results in that connective area getting very thick, which can lead to Esophageal Cancer.  Dr Oz said that Esophageal Cancer is becoming more common because of the amount of people with Acid Reflux Disease increasing.  The acid burns the tissue and makes it rough and scarred, which is where the cancer begins to grow.  If you do not catch Esophageal Cancer fast, it quickly becomes one of the least curable cancers.  So, if you have any problems with heartburn or acid reflux, you should see a doctor who can do an endoscopy to check how damaged or badly burned your esophagus is and  screen you for Esophageal Cancer.

Dr Oz: How to Cure Heartburn

Dr Oz listed three things that everyone should do if heartburn or acid reflux is a problem for you two or more times a week:

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