Dr Oz 5 Minute Mental Health Reset: Go From Manic to Mindful


Dr Oz: Go From Manic To Mindful In 5 Minutes

It can be hard to think of Monday’s in a positive way, but Dr Oz’s Mindful Monday tips are a great way to make the start of the week a little bit easier. This time around, he shared some advice on how to stay present and zen, even when you’re surrounded by complete chaos.

Dr Oz: 5 Minute Mental Health Reset

Rhenotha knows all too well what it feels like to walk through the door after a tough day only to find that dinner isn’t cooked, laundry isn’t done, and one wrong move makes you want to lose your mind. Pause and do this instead: say “I just need five minutes.”

Dr Oz Mindful Monday: 5-Minute Mental Health Reset

Take just five minutes after a busy day to reset your mind before you head home to another possibly chaotic situation! (spirit-fire / Flickr)

Put those five minutes to good use by going through the 5 steps on the next page…

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