Dr Oz: 5 Pieces of Clothes To Keep You From Gaining Weight

Dr Oz: Clothing Prevents Weight Gain

Dr Oz did a segment on Vanity Sizing, and then spoke with Suze Yalof Schwartz about five pieces of clothing that can keep you from gaining weight since clearly your clothing size is a poor indicator.  Doctor Oz asked Suze Yalof Schwartz about what the biggest misconception is about clothing, and she said that the flowy trend and stretchy clothing trend is very popular and that does not give you a warning of whether or not you are gaining weight.  Here are the five pieces of clothes that are best for monitoring your weight.

Dr Oz: Belt Prevents Weight Gain

The first piece of clothing is a belt, which you can really think of as a tape measure.  Suze Yalof Schwartz showed how she marks the holes on the inside Dr Oz Clothesof the belt with “No”, “Now” and “Goal” so you can keep track of whether you are gaining or losing weight.  What a brilliant idea!

Dr Oz: Non-Stretch Jeans

The second piece of clothing to prevent weight gain is Non-Stretch Jeans.  Most jeans these days have Lycra in them, which means you can fit into them even when you gain weight.  But with Non-Stretch jeans, you will get a muffin top when you gain weight, which is a warning sign to watch what you are eating.

Dr Oz: White Shirt

The third piece of clothes that prevents weight gain is a plain, white, button-down shirt.  When your bust increases and your belly increases, you get gapes and holes in your button-down shirt, which is a definite heads-up that you are gaining weight.  You also may notice you are getting fatter under your arms and in your back area.

Dr Oz: Blazer Clap Test

The fourth piece of clothing to warn you of weight gain is a blazer.  Suze Yalof Schwartz told Dr Oz that you can do a Clap Test, where you clap your hands all the way in front of your body while wearing your blazer.  If you feel it pulling or like it will rip, then you know that you have gained weight.

Dr Oz: Feet Spilling Out Of Shoes

The final piece of clothes that tells you that you have gained weight are your shoes.  If your foot is spilling out of your shoe, then you very well may have gained weight because it is an indicator of water retention and weight gain.  Dr Oz said that fluid retention in your ankles can also be a sign of Heart Failure or problems with your Kidney or Liver.


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