Dr Oz: 5 Secrets Men Don’t Want You To Know


Dr Oz: 5 Things Men Don’t Want You To Know

Dr Oz asked the question: Is Your Man Hiding Something From You?  Are you ready to get real?  In this segment, Dr Oz had 5 men hiding in the shadows, ready to tell their partners their deepest and darkest secret that could change the course of their relationships.  Some of the men admitted that they were nervous as to how their wives would feel about their secret.  Others thought their wives would be shocked to find out their big secret and felt like less than a man asking their question.  With the aid of Dr. Laura Berman, PhD, therapist and author of quite a few relationship books, and Dr. Ian Kerner, PhD, the author of “She Comes First,” Dr Oz gave suggestions on how to help the men with their big secrets.


  1. Barbara Demers says

    In general, I feel that women are unsure as to wether they should tell (or ask) a man what to do for fear of bruising his ego or the woman being too shy to speak up or the woman assuming that the man knows what he is to do. Communication is the key to a good relationship and the bedroom should be the number one place to develop strong and lasting bonds of intimacy, both physically and verbally, after all, this is where we ‘bare’ it all…..

  2. Anjie says

    I’ve been married over 20 years and I’m still cautious of ego bruising myself, but I did find a sure way of letting my husband know what was what I liked and did’t like. While (ITHOP)-in the heat of passion, if he’s doing the right things I will make wonderful noises, if he’s not, I’ll be a little low key, and it really works, and sometimes conversation will arise about it later where the floor is totally opened for discussion and it’s easier to talk about it. Try it.

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