Dr Oz: 5 Step Belly Fat Plan: Fiber Pack, Belly Band & Ab Workout

By on September 12, 2011

Dr Oz: Belly Fat Plan

Dr Oz’s Show on Sept 12, 2011 gave everyone 5 Steps to Conquering Your 40+ Belly.  But even if you are not yet in your 40’s, Dr Oz’s 5 Step Belly Fat Plan can help you to get rid of your unwanted Belly Fat, which everyone hates.  Doctor Oz knows that most of us hate Belly Fat because we feel like it makes us look bad, but his concern is more about our health because excess Belly Fat can lead to Cancer, Heart Disease and Diabetes.  So Dr Oz sent Jackee Harry, a famous comedian, to the South Street Seaport in New York City.  She setup Dr Oz’s Belly Booth and challenged women to reveal their real bellies and to shed their shapewear.

Dr Oz: 5 Steps to Conquering Belly Fat

Doctor Oz even asked the 200 women in his audience to show their bare bellies!  So, all of the women were wearing blue / purple Champion Sports Bras and black pants.  Meanwhile, Dr Oz was wearing a blazer, shirt and sweater Dr Oz Belly Fat Plan– which is even more than he usually wears.  Interesting contrast, no?  He spoke to several women in his audience who all were having problems coping with their Belly Fat.  Sydney said she was raised in a family of athletes, but not matter how much she works out now, she cannot get rid of her Belly Fat.  She told Dr Oz that she would never wear a sports bra along in public – not even at the gym – and she does not have a full length mirror in her house because she does not want to see her belly.  Another lady named Trish said it was also very hard for her to come on the show without a shirt, but she decided she was going to come because she really wanted to be there.  Dr Oz asked everyone in his audience to stand up, to grab their belly and to squeeze it.  Trish said that when she thinks about her belly, the word “disgusting” comes to mind.  Other people might have the word “embarrassment” or “shame” pop into their head, but Doctor Oz said that is not what we should feel!  Instead, he showed a real Omentum which is the medical term for the Belly Fat that we hate so much.  We should not feel embarrassment, shame or disgusting over our bellies, instead we should acknowledge that it is a medical issue that all of us can work through.  When the Omentum grows large, it impinges on your organs and makes it hard to lose fat throughout your body.  The Omentum that Dr Oz showed weighed around 4 pounds, and he said you can think of it like a bomb that can explode inside of your body, excreting lots of chemicals.

Dr Oz: Fat Burner Noodle Pudding Recipe

Dr Oz’s first step in his 5 Step Belly Fat Plan is to “Eat in Reverse.”  The lady who joined Dr Oz said that she has three kids who always want pizza and ice cream, so she ends up eating the same things, but she hates her belly (that she named “Fluffy”)!  Doctor Oz said that by eating in reverse and eating your carbs early in the day, your body has more time to burn all of them off throughout the day.  So, turn your dinner into your breakfast!  Dr Oz’s Noodle Pudding Recipe is a great spaghetti dish that you can eat for breakfast.  It is made out of whole wheat noodles, dried fruit, Greek yogurt and all kinds of other goodies.

Dr Oz Fiber Pack

Dr Oz’s first step in his 5 Step Belly Fat Plan is to create a Fiber Pack so that you make sure that you eat 25 grams of fiber every single day.  Here is the sample Fiber Pack that Doctor Oz suggested that we eat daily:

1.  Gnu Banana Walnut Bar (12 grams of fiber)

2.  1 cup of Kashi Go Lean (8 grams of fiber)

3.  1 small orange (2 grams of fiber)

4.  1 Metamucil Single Packet (3 grams of fiber)

By making sure that you eat 25 grams of fiber daily, you can be sure that you won’t be hungry in the afternoon during what Doctor Oz calls the “Bewitching Hour!”

Dr Oz: Red Wine Burns Belly Fat

Dr Oz’s third step in his 5 Step Belly Fat Plan is to drink one glass of red wine daily.  The key is to remember that Doctor Oz is only suggesting one glass of red wine at dinner, and not even a full glass to the top.  The resveratrol in the Red Wine is great for you and will help you to burn off your belly fat.

Dr Oz: 7 Day Belly Workout

Dr Oz’s fourth step in his 5 Step Belly Fat Plan is to “Confuse Your Muscles.”  When you do the same exercises over and over again, your muscles get resistant to change.  With Doctor Oz’s 7 Day Belly Workout Cheat Sheet though, you can get your abs in shape in no time!  The first workout move for Monday is called the Rock ‘n Roll Up and you lie on your back on the floor, and bring your knees up to your elbows.  Make sure not to strain your neck and to fully engage your Ab muscles.  Here are the names of all seven of the Dr Oz Belly Workout moves:

1. Monday – Rock N Roll Up
2. Tuesday – Side Impact
3. Wednesday – AB Tilt
4. Thursday – Stomach Scissors
5. Friday – Belly Butterfly
6. Saturday -The Superhero
7. Sunday – Bridge Belly Buster

Here is a diagram with an explanation of how to do each move: Ab Workout.

Dr Oz: Belly Band

Dr Oz’s final step in his 5 Step Belly Fat Plan is to Make a Belly Band.  All you have to do is take a measuring tape and measure 32″ of any ribbon you have around your house.  Then wrap the ribbon or “Belly Band” around your waist.  The idea is not to judge yourself or to be distracted by numbers (since there are no numbers on the Belly Band Ribbon), but your goal should be to have the ribbon wrap all the way around your waist.

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