Dr. Oz: 5 Steps for Spring Cleaning Your Skin- Exfoliating Grapes

Doctor Oz gave us a 5 step plan for spring cleaning our skin, so that our skin will be ready for the spring and summer, after all of the winter months have damaged our skin.  During the winter, our skin often gets dried out and cracks, making our skin look older than it really is.  Below the surface of your skin is a layer of fat that is in charge of keeping the moisture inside of your skin.  In the winter, you get cracks in this fatty moisturizing area of your skin due to the cold and dry weather.  So when the spring and summer comes around, you need to give your skin a lift to be ready for shorts and tank top weather.  Here is Dr. Oz’s 5 Steps for Spring Cleaning your Skin!

Dr. Oz’s 5 Steps to Spring Clean Your Skin:

1.  Bring Winter Skin Out of Hibernation

Give yourself (or your loved one) a massage with Lemon Essential Oil. Massage the Lemon Essential Oil into your eyebrows, forehead, and chin. A massage of Lemon Essential Oil helps to enhance your circulation and immune cells, while also protecting your skin from small cuts and irritation.

2.  Protect Skin from the Inside Out

You can help your skin by eating cantaloupe, which is rich in vitamin c and beta carotene.  Also, by eating tomatoes that have lycopene, you will have prevent your skin from burning as quickly in the summer sun!

3.  Shield Your Skin From the Sun

Make sure you use sunscreen that contains zinc oxide and titanium oxide. The zinc oxide and titanium oxide are mechanical barriers, which means that you do not have to wait for the sunscreen to metabolize to start working (like other sunblocks which have to soak in for 20-30 minutes before they become effective).

4.  Trade Regular Body Wash for Moisturizing Body Wash

Use a moisturizing body wash — Dr. Oz recommended Dove Body Wash on his show, because it will restore natural moisturizers to your skin and nourish your skin to help it replenish its moisture!

5. Exfoliate with Grapes

Dr. Oz gave a secret Skin Home Remedy for removing dead skin cells – Grapes!!!  Grapes contain salicylic acid and polyphenols, which are found in expensive moisturizers.  Take some red or purple grapes (because they have more resveratrol), crush them up, and rub them all over your face.  Try this Skin Home Remedy to cleanse your face the natural way – with grapes!


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    Jackeline, while I don’t think that there is any harm to using grapes to exfoliate daily, I only tend to exfoliate my face 3 times a week at most. If in doubt, consult with your doctor or dermatologist.

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