Dr Oz: 5 Tests You Must Take Today – Is Your Spouse Cheating On You?

By on October 21, 2011

Dr Oz: Is Your Husband Cheating On You?

In the segment, Dr Oz asked 5 questions to tell how likely it is that your spouse will cheat.  Dr Oz says 1 out of every 3 marriages experience infidelity and almost ¾ of those wives were completely unaware that their spouse was cheating.  With the help of Dr. Belisa Vranich, Phd, a Clinical Psychologist, Dr Oz brought up two couples to the stage.  The men had to wear headphones while the women were asked to answer the questions to the Is Your Spouse Cheating On You? quiz.  Take the quiz at home to find out how likely it is that your spouse will cheat.

First Couple: Sandy and Bob have been married for 22 years.  Sandy stated that Bob definitely was not a romantic type guy but that they had a solid marriage.

Second Couple: Marissa and Dave have been married for 7 years.  Marissa believes that they have a strong marriage.

Dr Oz: Is My Spouse Cheating?

Question 1:

Which Bests Describes Your Husband’s Computer Activity? Dr Oz 5 Health Tests

a. He’s the only one who knows his passwords
b. You know some of his passwords
c. We both know each other’s passwords

Sandy and Marissa answered c, that they knew each other’s passwords.

According to Dr. Vranich, technology is changing how men cheat.  Technology gives men better and easier access.  One red flag is if he hovers around computer or if he prefers that you are not present in the room when he’s on the computer.

Question 2:

When his cell phone rings, he:

a. Ignores it over and over again
b. Leaves the room to take the call
c. Answers it freely in front of you

Both women answered c, that their husbands answer the call in front of them.  Dr. Vranich stated that you may need to be suspicious if his tone of voice changes or if he leaves the room.  Those are indicators that something may be going on.  If you suspect something, the cell phone is the best place to find the evidence.

Question 3:

Have any of the following people in your spouse’s life cheated on their spouse?

a. Father
b. Best friend
c. None of the above

Both women answered c, no one has cheated that they know of.  Dr Oz asked Marissa if she would allow her husband to be friends with someone who cheated.  Marissa stated that she would not be bothered by it.  Dr. Vranich stated that you should know the type of people surrounding your husband.  You should know whether or not your husband’s friends tolerate cheating.  Younger couples are more restless and have more infidelity in their relationships.

Question 4:

Does your spouse suddenly have knowledge of new music or pop culture?

a. Yes
b. Not sure
c. No

Sandy stated no and  that her husband is a Frank Sinatra fan.  On the other hand, Marissa stated that her husband has always had a knowledge of new music and pop culture so therefore, no, she doesn’t consider him suddenly acquiring such knowledge.  Dr. Vranich stated important indicators of a cheating spouse that included doing things he has not done before, such as manscaping, listening to different music, or using trendy lingo.

Question 5:

When was the last time you cuddled?

a. Over one month ago
b. 2-3 weeks ago
c. Within the past week

Sandy answered she had not cuddled with her husband in about 2 months.  Marissa stated that she and her husband just cuddled in the car over to the show.  (Show off!)  Dr. Vranich stated this is important because you need intimacy in a relationship.  Cuddling includes eye-to-eye contact and even just sitting together and talking.

Dr Oz had the husbands remove their headphones so that he could explain the answers to the quiz.  (The husbands could also know whether their wives considered them lying, no-good, cheating, spouses!)

Give yourself 2 points for every a, 1 point for every b, and 0 points for every c. If you got 5-7 points, you were in the danger zone and likely to cheat. If you received 8-10 points, visit a marriage counselor, quick!

Results: Sandy and Bob got 2 points, so they’re good.  Marissa and Dave got 0 points, which indicated that Dave was nowhere near likely to cheat.  (Does he have a brother?)

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  1. Not only men, women also use these tactics to cheat! I have seen and herd it with my own eyes and ears.

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