Dr Oz 7 Chakras: Root Chakra Navel Shakra, Solar Plexus & More

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Dr Oz 7 Chakras: Root Chakra Navel Shakra, Solar Plexus & More

By on April 20, 2012

Dr Oz: The 7 Chakras

According to Tibetan Monks, the Chakra Diet is the secrets to living younger. Dr Oz is joined by Holistic Guru, Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary, to show you which foods fuel your Chakra. Dr. Chaudhary says when it comes to fueling your Chakra, you’re looking at the vibration of the foods as well as the colors and not just the nutritional value.

Dr Oz 7 Chakras

Dr Oz spoke about the 7 Chakras: Crown Chakra, Third Eye (Forehead) Chakra, Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Navel Chakra & Root Chakra.

Dr Oz: Root Chakra #1

The color for this Chakra is red. It represents grounding yourself and feeling centered. Physically, it helps the intestines and rectum. Red colored foods such as pomegranate are great for this Chakra because the color is visually appealing. Biochemically, red food is soothing to the GI tract. Purchase pomegranate juice or eat fresh.

Dr Oz: Navel Chakra #2

The color for this Chakra is Orange. It feeds creativity. Physically, this Chakra is for the reproductive system, the bladder and the kidney. Eat orange foods such as oranges and tangerines.

Dr Oz: Solar Plexus Chakra #3

The color for this Chakra is yellow. This one speaks to a lot of people. It’s for the willpower and self esteem. Physically, it helps the digestive organs. Try eating yellow lentils. This helps pull out toxins in the digestive system. It also warms up the GI tract.

Dr Oz: Heart Chakra #4

The color for this Chakra is green and represents love and compassion. (This is Dr. Chaudhary’s favorite Chakra.) Nature is filled with green and that’s the expression of love. Biochemically, it’s good for the cardiovascular system. Try eating kale or any type of green for a great source of antioxidants. Love is the most nourishing and can balance all of the other chakras.

Dr Oz: Throat Chakra #5

The color for this Chakra is blue and is deals with the thyroid gland. It is associated with truth and expression. It coordinates what’s in your heart and in your mind. Try eating blueberries and other blue foods.

Dr Oz: Third Eye (Forehead) Chakra #6

The color for this Chakra is indigo and represents natural intuition. It opens up the intuition while feeding the pituitary gland. (Dr. Chaudhary said the purpose of integrating these foods is to remind yourself to speak these truths.)

Dr Oz: Crown Chakra #7

The color for this Chakra is violet. This represents the crown of the head and is considered the master Chakra. It represents our connection to our highest self. Biochemically it’s good for the pineal gland in the brain. Try eating eggplant to feed this Chakra.

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Comments to Dr Oz 7 Chakras: Root Chakra Navel Shakra, Solar Plexus & More

  1. Interesting….they’re also the seven colors of a rainbow, in the proper order.

  2. Millie Cassano says:

    Please give me the recipe that uses turmeric spice for face to remove peach fuzz. It was featured on dr oz 7 chakras. Thanks

  3. What was the mantra or mootra associated with the 5th chakra? Not mentioned on show. Thanks.

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