Dr Oz: 7 Day Energy Surge Plan: Jim Karas: Tyrosine & Wheat Grass

Dr Oz did a segment called The 7 Day Energy Surge Plan with Jim Karas, who is the author of the book called the 7 Day Energy Surge.  Doctor Oz said that there is an energy crisis in America but with this 7 day plan, you can quit the exhaustion epidemic today.

Dr Oz: Energy Surge Plan

Dr Oz said that 2/3 of American women are sleep deprived and 75% of us are stressed out on a regular basis.  We turn to things like coffee, soda, sugary snacks and Dr Oz 7 Day Energy Surge Plan energy drinks for energy, but is there a healthier way to get energy?  Jim Karas says that he has found the answer and can turn our lives around in just 7 days.  Dr Oz asked why do so many people feel tired?  Karas said it is from fatigue, dehydration, stress, trying to pack too much into a day and because we have forgotten what it feels like to feel good.  Diane Sawyer is one of Jim Karas’ patients and he said that he works with her to stay away from chemical energy boosters that he considers evil.  Karas said that this plan is a turn around – you take apart all of the variables and rebuild it.  Try the following plan for just one week and you will stop feeling exhausted.

Dr Oz: Breathing Into Blackness

The first step of the 7 Day Energy Surge Plan is to Makeover Your Morning.  When your alarm goes off, do not just jump out of bed.  First do an exercise called Breathing Into Blackness where you place your palms over your eyes, massage the top of your forehead with your fingertips, and inhale for 6 counts and exhale for 6 counts.  This exercise will help you to de-stress.  Another great idea for getting your lungs and breathing ready for the day is to play a wind instrument like a harmonica.  Next, open your curtains and turn on lights, because the light will help to get you going.  And of course do not skip breakfast.  Jim Karas said that he loves Muesli Cereal because it is full of protein and whole grains.

Dr Oz: Tyrosine & Magnesium

The second step of the 7 Day Energy Surge Plan is to take a Vitamin Cocktail of 400 mg of Magnesium (along with 600 mg of Calcium) and 500 mg of Tyrosine 3 times a day.  Jim Karas said that the Magnesium is great for energy production and the Tyrosine is an amino acid that lets your cells talk to each other.  When you are too tired, your body does not produce enough Tyrosine.  To take Tyrosine, you just break the capsule in half on your tongue and release the powder into your mouth – then wash it down with some water.  The Tyrosine should help to perk you up right away.

Dr Oz: Wheat Grass Powder

The third step of the 7 Day Energy Surge Plan is to add a new afternoon pick-me-up.  Instead of reaching for more coffee, try a shot of Wheat Grass which is packed with vitamins and nutrients.  If you do not have fresh Wheat Grass, you can try Wheatgrass Powder which Jim Karas says is almost as good.  And if you absolutely cannot pass up on your coffee, try making your coffee with half a cup of coffee and half a cup of low-fat milk.  Karas and Dr Oz are both against fat free milk and prefer low-fat milk.

Dr Oz: Music Before Bed

The fourth step of the 7 Day Energy Surge Plan is to set the stage for sleep by playing calming music 45 minutes before bed.  Listen to relaxing music while doing the dishes, putting your kids to bed or while relaxing.  A recent study showed that people who listened to music had improved sleep.  Dr Oz said we should all add music to the ambiance of our home.

Dr Oz: Night Light in Bathroom

The fifth step of the 7 Day Energy Surge Plan is to drink lots of water and to eat high-water content foods like fruits and vegetables.  This may mean that you wake-up in the middle of the night and have to go to the bathroom, so make sure that you get a Bathroom Night Light so that you do not turn on bright lights which will wake you up.


  1. Ernestine S. Bonicelli says

    I am confused about magnesium. I am told it relaxes you and take 850 mg every night at bedtime. If it does relax you, why would you take it during the day? Especially in my case, as I have narcolepsy and fibromyalgia and have to fight to stay awake as it is. Please, somebody clear up this mystery – does it relax you or does it give you energy?

  2. norm shaw says

    according to harvard school of nutrition men are advised not to have anymore intake of calcium beyond300 milligrams. advise,thanks norm

  3. norm shaw says

    according to harvard school of nutrition men are advised not to have anymore intake of calcium beyond 300 milligrams. please advise-thanks,norm

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