Dr Oz: 7 Deadly Symptoms: Stomach Pain, Vision Changes & Leg Cramp


Dr Oz’s 7 Deadly Symptoms You Should Never Ignore was a great segment with the potential to save many lives.  So I urge everyone to read this list carefully and to send a link to this article to all of your close friends and family members!  Together, we will surely be able to save some lives! Dr Oz 7 Deadly Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

Dr Oz: Stomach Pain & Gall Stones

Doctor Oz said that a sudden and increasing pain in the upper right side of your stomach could be a symptom you should not ignore.  Often if you have this stomach pain, your doctor will push on your stomach as you breathe in, and if this causes pain, then it is a classic sign of Gall Stones.  Dr Oz showed an Intestinal System to demonstrate how a Gall Stone can get stuck in the neck of the Gall Bladder, which blocks the bile from coming out and you can hurt your liver and destroy your pancreas.  Dr Oz also showed a variety of different Gall Stones because they can come in a bunch of different shapes and sizes.  When your Gall Bladder gets blocked off by a Gall Stone, then it can swell and when you push down on your stomach as you breathe in, it pushes on the Gall Bladder and causes pain if it is swollen.

Dr Oz: Vision Changes & Diabetes

Dr Oz said that Vision Changes such as blurred, shaded or double vision can all be signs of problems.  A classic symptom for Diabetes is to get splotchy black areas in your vision, because uncontrolled sugar can damage your eyes.  Dr Oz showed a model of an eye and at the back of the eye is an area called the retina.  If you have Diabetes, the blood vessels in the back of the eye grow bigger and bigger and can eventually bleed into your retina.  These black splotches are actually blood on your retina, which over time can cause Blindness if your entire retina gets covered with blood.  Dr Oz said there is a lot you can do to fix this problem by controlling Diabetes, and it can even be reversible if you catch it soon enough.

Dr Oz: Persistent Headaches & Aneurysm Ruptures

Dr Oz said that normal headaches or headaches that can be tied to something specific like your menstrual cycle (called Menstrual Headaches) are not what he is talking about.  Dr Oz is referring to what people will call the worst headache ever in their life and this can be a Brain Aneurysm.  You have lots of blood vessels in your brain, and sometimes you will get something that looks like a balloon that grows larger and larger as your heart beats and, if it grows large enough, it can rupture.  Dr Oz said that 40% of the time, Aneurysm Ruptures are fatal.

Dr Oz: Leg Cramp & Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)

Dr Oz said that if you have a leg cramp that will not go away, it could be Deep Vein Thrombosis or DVT.  If you have DVT, then you could get a blood clot that travels up your leg and goes to your lungs.  Dr Oz showed how the major vein in your leg starts on the back of your leg towards the bottom of your calf, and travels up the calf and over the back of the knee, then around the inner thigh and up the front of your thigh.  If you have pain anywhere along this route, it could be Deep Vein Thrombosis.  If the blood clot travels to your lungs, then they get blocked off and often the doctor will not get there in time to save you.

Dr Oz: Deep Vein Thrombosis Risk Factors

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    dr.oz i stay sick at my stomache two are three times a day. but some days i don’t have any nanasua all some times, i can put heat to my stomache and sometimes it will go away.i do not upchuck at all i feel like a pregnant women but i am not pregnant i to old . it does not hurt at all just feels like a pregenant women. i do not have a gallbladder it has been removed.

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