Dr Oz: 7 Red Flags Your Body is Aging Too Fast

Doctor Oz gave a list of seven red flags that your body is aging too fast.  This list gives red flag indicators for osteoarthritis, diabetes, deep vein thrombosis, dementia, brain deterioration, dry mouth and heart attacks.  Some are truly fascinating tip that I have never heard of – Dr Oz always does such a fabulous job of presenting us with information that we otherwise are likely not to hear about… and that is yet another reason we are such avid fans of Doctor Oz!  Red Flags You Are Aging Too Fast

Ring Finger Length Indicates Osteoarthritis

Dr Oz said that a woman’s ring finger length can identify a greater risk of developing osteoarthritis.  Hold your hand out in front of you and compare the length of your ring finger to the length of your index finger.  If your ring finger is longer than your index finger, then you could have low levels of estrogen, which can lead to Osteoarthritis, which can in turn take 3 years off of your life.  Doctor Oz suggested drinking fortified dairy products and exercising to  help prevent Osteoarthritis.  Also, if you lose 11 pounds, then you can cut your risk of developing arthritis in half!

Bra Size Predicts Type 2 Diabetes Risk

Dr Oz said that if you have a bra size with a D cup or larger by the time you are 20 years old, you could have a 1.5X greater chance of getting type 2 diabetes when you get older.  The reason is because your breasts are made of hormonally active fat, which may make you more prone to insulin resistance.  A great home remedy to fight against the Type 2 Diabetes risk is to include Ginseng and Cinnamon in your diet.

Back of Knee Pain Predicts Deep Vein Thrombosis

Dr Oz said that if you have pain in the back of your knees when you cough or sneeze, it could be a warning sign of developing Deep Vein Thrombosis in the future.  Doctor Oz said that you can help fight off this problem by putting cinder blocks under the foot of your bed.  Also, you can put pillows under your feet so that your veins are higher than your heart.

Jeans Size Predicts Dementia

Dr Oz said that your jean’s size could predict your chances of getting dementia in the future.  Your waist size is crucial and should be half of your height at most.  If you have a large weight in your 40’s then you dramatically increase your risk of getting dementia in  your 60’s.  Doctor Oz recommended eating monounsaturated fatty acids like dark chocolate or walnuts – and Dr Oz’s chocolate fountain looked absolutely scrumptious!

Poor Balance Predicts Brain Deterioration

If  you have poor balance, it is a sign of cerebellum problems because  your brain is having problems coordinating you.  And as I have seen with my grandfather and grandmother, poor balance is a common cause for elderly people falling.  When you are older and you fall, it can be very serious and even deadly.  Doctor Oz said that you can practice balancing a book on your head while you walk, which could add 8 years to your life!

Dry Mouth Can Take Years Off Your Life

Dry mouth can lead to dental cavities and gingivitis.  Doctor Oz had a very interesting cure for dry mouth – an artificial saliva gel.

Earlobe Crease Indicates Heart Attack Risk

Dr Oz said that if you have a linear crease in your earlobe, it can indicate an increased risk of heart disease and heart attack.  The reason you get an earlobe crease is because the blood vessels are getting hard and then can crack.

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