Dr. Oz: 7 Sisters, 7 Rules, 7 Weeks


Dr. Oz had seven overweight sisters on his show today and gave each of them a medical stat that he will watch over the next 7 weeks. Each of the seven sisters have a name that starts with the letter ‘S’… very interesting. Here are the sisters from oldest to youngest, and what Dr. Oz will be focusing on for each of them:

Sheila – Triglycerides: there is a lot of fat in her blood because she ingests too much fat
Susan – Blood Pressure and BMI
Sylvia – Weight: she is having pregnancy issues and trouble conceiving
Shevon – Body Fat: she is almost 50% fat, and their measurement tool does not measure higher than 50%
Shana – Waist Size
Sheena – Waist Size
Sarah – Weight



  1. Charmaine says

    Today we saw the show of the 7Sister, 7 rules 7 weeks and would like to know the outcome ? Thanks

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