Dr Oz: 700 Lb Woman’s Marriage Problems: Colleen Williams & Derek


Dr Oz 700 Lb Woman

Dr Oz: 700 Lb Woman Returns

Doctor Oz brought Colleen Williams, a 700 lb woman who is 31 years old, back on his show along with her wife Derek Williams.  Dr Oz has been helping Colleen to lose weight for the past three weeks (click here for the recap of the original show: Dr Oz 700 Lb Woman), and here is an update on how she has been doing: Dr Oz: 700 Pound Woman Returns.  But then another angle of the story was revealed: how is Colleen’s and Derek’s marriage doing?  To be honest, I think this segment was a little bit too much like a cross between Dr Phil and Jerry Springer for my taste.  While it was interesting to hear about the emotional aspects at play in Colleen’s struggle with food, it is not the type of segment that I have become used to on The Dr Oz Show.  In general, Dr Oz does segments about health related topics that apply to wide range of people and contain helpful advice on how to avoid or solve certain health issues.  I would have much preferred to hear Dr Oz talk about weight loss strategies or a special diet plan for people like Colleen.  But that is just my two cents… what did you think about this segment? Leave a comment below!

Dr Oz: Colleen Williams & Derek Williams

Doctor Oz asked Colleen Williams why does she nag at Derek all the time?  She said she has a lot of anger with herself and Dr Oz 700 Lb Womantowards Derek.  She feels frustrated and angry that she can’t do all of the things she wants by herself, and she said that they have not always had the best relationship so she has built up animosity towards him.

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