Dr Oz: 700 Pound Woman Returns: Colleen Williams & Derek


Dr Oz 700 Pound Woman

Dr Oz: Colleen Williams Returns

Doctor Oz introduced us to Colleen Williams, a 700 pound woman, in a previous show (click here for the recap of the original show:  Dr Oz 700 Lb Woman), and he brought her back onto The Dr Oz Show today to follow her progress.  A quick summary about Colleen is that she is a 31 year old lady who weighs over 700 pounds.  She is addicted to food and knows it kills her, but she said she does not want to feel so many things and she eats to numb the feelings.  Dr Oz warned her that her obesity has caused her to have high blood pressure which could kill her through a stroke, and her bones are crumbling, along with many other health issues.  So how has Colleen Williams done over the past three weeks?  The good news is that she already lost 35 pounds!  But the bad news is that her relationship with her husband Derek seems a bit shaky.

Dr Oz: 700 Pound Woman Challenge

Dr Oz spoke to Colleen Williams and told her that he was very disappointed that her husband, Derek Williams, is enabling Dr Oz 700 Pound Womanher to do nothing by doing everything for her.  So Doctor Oz gave Collen a challenge.  For the next day, Derek was not allowed to help Colleen with her hygiene or any tasks that we would normally be expected to do by ourselves.  This is what the next day looked like for Colleen:


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