Dr Oz: 700 Pound Woman Update: Colleen & Derek Return


Dr Oz 700 Lb Woman Update

Dr Oz brought Colleen, a 700 Pound Woman, back on The Doctor Oz Show for a third time today (here are the links to recaps of her first two appearances on the show: Dr Oz 700 Lb Woman Episode 1 and Dr Oz 700 Pound Woman Episode 2).  Last time, Dr Oz gave Colleen two challenges: to do all of her own grocery shopping and to workout with a personal trainer.  Here is how Colleen did and how her life with Derek has been changing:

Dr Oz: 700 Pound Woman Grocery Challenge

Colleen said that she had not gone grocery shopping on her own for 2-3 years.  Usually Derek, her husband, pushes the cart and does everything for her.  It was Dr Oz 700 Pound Womanclearly uncomfortable for her because everyone kept staring at her.  She came up with a system for doing grocery shopping where she would leave a big cart at the end of the aisle, and move around the aisle with her scooter and a mini basket.  Then she would empty the mini basket into the big grocery cart.  However, someone from the store thought it was an abandoned grocery cart, so they took it away to the front of the store (probably so that one of the employees would re-stock the shelves with the contents of the shopping cart).  So Colleen had to go all the way to the service desk to see if she could retrieve her cart.  In the end, it took her a few hours to go grocery shopping, which is something that would take Derek 30 minutes.  She said it was very frustrating to take 5 times longer than Derek.  By the time she unloaded all of her groceries into her car, she was out of breath, and she had tremendous pain in her back and legs.

Dr Oz: 700 Pound Woman Exercise Challenge

Dr Oz’s second challenge for Colleen was to workout with a personal trainer.  She seemed to be very motivated when she was working out with her trainer.  She was thinking about things she hates to do because of how heavy she is.  For example, she hates flying on an airplane because she needs a row for herself.  So when she thinks about flying to New York to go on The Dr Oz Show, she hates the thought.

Dr Oz: Colleen’s Scooter

Dr Oz asked Colleen what was the hardest part about the two challenges he gave her.  She said it was most difficult to go to the grocery store and then to load and unload the car, because that was physically hard.  Dr Oz asked her about her dependence on her scooter.  Colleen said that her original scooter broke down two weeks ago, and she had to go 8 days without it.  So during that time she did more walking and her family had to help push her around in a regular wheelchair.  But she recently got a new scooter, just to find out that it broke as soon as she got off the plane in New York.  Dr Oz asked her how she can let a scooter control her life?  And more importantly, what did she learn from the two challenges?  Colleen said that the biggest thing she figured out is that she is not who she was 5 weeks ago.  She spent years enabling herself to be this way, but it is not who she is.

Dr Oz: Colleen & Derek’s Marriage

Dr Oz asked Collen how have the changes over the past 5 weeks impacted you and Derek at home?  She said they don’t bicker as much, because she is not all over him.  They don’t have the same level of frustration because she is not nagging him and being impatient.  Colleen said it was nice to not have as much tension, yelling and fighting, and she is feeling better about herself which comes through in all of her relationships.



  1. says

    Yes, Derek cheated, and yes, Derek said he was sorry (what else can he do at this point?), so what does Colleen expect him to do? Skin himself alive to prove he’s sorry? He could have left, but he stayed with her, which can’t be super-pleasant. She should be glad he’s so loyal to her when she has so many problems that he must take upon himself to help her with. On TV he appears to be a quiet, unassuming, very patient man. Most men would find it extremely stressful to live with Colleen and all her issues. So I think she should calm down, be more patient with him, and be thankful she has someone willing to help her with problems most people would not want to have to deal with. He must love her, so what more does she want??

  2. Donna Mixon says

    I have a heavy duty Rascal scooter that I am willing to donate to this woman if she is interested. Let me know.

  3. says

    God Bless you Colleen and keep your spirits up. It is your life that you are dealing with – it’s not a dress rehearsal and don’t ever let anything that Derek did or will do, deter you from your goal (his life is his life, not yours). C

  4. Lisa says

    Colleen continue to work on yourself and push forward as you work on your marriage with Derek. All marriages take work and it isn’t easy….but anything worth having never is…rather it’s loosing weight to become healthier or working through infidelity. Good luck to you and your husband on working through your issues!

  5. Brenda hall says

    The reason why Derek didn’t come across as the bad guy is that he comes across as a likeable guy. Colleen just doesn’t come across as likeable. She’s manipulative, hateful and whiney.

  6. Karen says

    I watched the episode mentioned, and felt like Derek really regretted the choices he had made. It appears as though he really, really cares about Colleen (otherwise, why would he stick around?).

    Colleen obviously uses him as a crutch – not healthy for their relationship — but, is beginning to change and take charge of her own life.

    Dr. Oz’s challenges for them were spot on! I hope they can figure a way to make this work … They are headed in the right direction.

  7. says

    If Colleen could just give up the scooter, yes it may take more time to do the grocery shopping, but it will be great exercise. She can take all the time that she needs, she does not have to rush. When I go to the grocery store, I make sure that I eat prior to going so that I do not buy junk, I spend 30 minutes in the store. My husband used to go with me , but he felt that it was a race to get in and out in 30 minutes. I walked as I usually walked. I have a vehicle , but I prefer walking when it is acceptable, weather permitting.

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