Dr Oz: 911 Mistakes, 911 Emergency Chart & 911 Safety Information


Dr Oz did a segment called the 3 Mistakes You Should Never Make Calling 911.  Gigi Smith, who has run a 911 Dispatch Center for over 20 years, joined Doctor Oz and gave advice on 911 Mistakes to avoid.  Plus, Dr Oz gave a 911 Emergency Chart or 911 Safety Information chart that all of us should print out and put on our fridge (I will give you links to print these out below)!

Dr Oz: 911 Mistakes To Avoid

Dr Oz asked Gigi Smith what are the three biggest mistakes that people make when calling 911.  She said that the first mistake Dr Oz 911 Emergency Chartis that people call 911 and sometimes get a recording (during busy times) and then hang-up the phone.  Do not ever hang-up the phone when you call 911, because when you call back you will be back at the bottom of the queue which will delay service to you.  The second biggest mistake that people make is to call from their cell phone rather than from a land-line phone.  If  you have the option, use a landline phone because depending on who your cell phone provider is, 911 may or may not be able to pinpoint your location from a cell phone.  The third biggest mistake is that people do not remain calm.  The telecommunicator on the other line is your first line of support, so focus on what they are saying and try to stay calm.

Dr Oz: 911 Emergency Chart

Dr Oz said that the three mistakes that he wants for all of us to avoid when calling 911 are the following.  First, do not forget your contact and medical information.  Believe it or not, Gigi Smith said that this happens thousands of times every day.  One way to prevent yourself from freezing up is to have all of the information in a 911 Emergency Chart on your fridge or next to your phone.  The 911 Safety Information should include the names of the people in your home, your address and phone number, any medications that people are taking, and any medical conditions that people in your home have.  Click here to print out Dr Oz’s 911 Emergency Chart.


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    I tried droz.com but nothing on there to get to 911 chart mentioned on your Fri. 10/4/13 show.
    I then tried droz.com911mistakes but when I click where it says to click all I get is a bunch of
    numbers and symbols, which, is an error. Please advise how I can get the 911 chart for myself and my children. Thanks, Carole Young

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