Dr. Oz: Abyssinian Baptist Church Diet with Mrs. Patricia Butts


Doctor Oz is helping the congregation at the Abyssinian Baptist Church to get healthy!  Mrs. Patricia Butts, the First Lady at the Abyssinian Baptist Church, says that their congregation is on shaky ground when it comes to health – the church wants to be spiritually and physically healthy.  The congregation at the Abyssinian Baptist Church is predominantly African American, which means that there is a greater risk of Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension and Heart Disease.

In addition to Mrs. Patricia Butts, Claudine (the main soloist at church), Vicki (the chair of the women’s ministry and a Sunday school teacher) and Joanne are all going to be working together with the congregation to lose weight.  There have been too many amputations from diabetes and an increase in the number of people taking medicine for high blood pressure.  The recurring theme and problem for everyone is time.  Doctor Oz said that on average, each person at the church is 80 pounds overweight and their real age on average is 11 years older than it should be.  This means that if the congregation consists of only 1500 people (and they say it is a few times this number), then the church is 60 tons overweight and 17,000 years older than the congregation should be.


  1. Mr Butts says

    Still laughing at the expressions on the Afro-American church members at the thought of loosing their precious FRIED CHICKEN AND WAFFLES

    Talk about living the stereotype

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