Dr. Oz: Acne & Pimple Myths, How to Pop a Pimple & Sea Buckthorn Oil

Doctor Oz discussed acne and pimple myths, and taught us how to pop pimples and cure pimples with a special home remedy of Sea Buckthorn Oil.

Dr. Oz’s Acne & Pimple Myths:

1.  Is It Bad To Pop A Pimple?

Yes!  When you pop a pimple, you macerate the skin by pushing on the skin around the pimple.  Instead, you should take care of your pimples by sterilizing the area around the pimple with alcohol.  Sterilize a needle with alcohol and by running the needle through a flame.  Then lance the pimple by poking in at an angle and then out and up.  If you push the needle straight into your pimple, then you will damage your tissue.  After you have lanced your pimple, you can press gently to get rid of the puss and it will come out in a controlled fashion now, rather than like an explosion.

2.  Pimples Are a Problem Only For Adolescents?

False!  Adults definitely get pimple, and I can verify this!  80% of kids have acne, and 40% of adults suffer from acne.  Dr. Oz recommended Sea Buckthorn Oil as an anti-inflammatory and to exfoliate your skin to get rid of your acne… plus it smells amazing!  You can read more about acne tips, acne advice and acne home remedies at AcneStories.com.

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