Dr Oz: Acne Scars, Raccoon Eyes & Anastasia Eyebrow Kit


Dr Oz: 5 Face Flaws

Dr Oz did a show called 5 Cutting Edge Fixes for Face Flaws where he covered cutting edge treatments for five of the most common face flaws that we dislike, and best of all, none of them involve going under the knife!  You can now fix Raccoon Eyes, Acne Scars and Droopy Eyebrows without surgery.  Doctor Oz was joined by Anastasia Soare, Dr Roger Bassin and Dr William Kestin to discuss all of the following procedures.  Dr Oz also did a segment on a No-Surgery Nose Job and a Frown Line procedure (click here to read the recap of these treatments: Dr Oz Frown Lines & Liquid Rhinoplasty).

Dr Oz: Restylane Raccoon Eye Eraser

Dr William Kestin, “The Wizard of Eyes,” helped a woman named Susan who is 48 and has dark circles under her eyes.  She said that she has triedDr Oz Face Flaws concealer and everything on the market, but nothing helps her to look more youthful.  Dr Kestin told Dr Oz that the Raccoon Eyes come from the reflection of light, but if you can raise the “valley” to meet the “mountains,” then the dark color disappears.


  1. Tammy says

    Thanks for posting the information on the eyebrow kit. I saw it on Dr Oz show today but didn’t catch the name. Its weird But I couldn’t find any show information on Dr. Oz’s site.

  2. Mary says

    I have racoon eyes? The restylane procedure sounds interesting. Where can I get it?

  3. Linda says

    Be very wary of using Restylane in tear troughs. I too saw the show and did a great amount of research before having the procedure done to correct dark under eye circles. I developed a huge lump under one of my eyes months after the injections. I am in the process of trying to get this corrected. Restylane under the eye is an off label use and I have been advised it does not react the same way as it should because of the delicate nature of the eye area. Thus it is not advised.

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