Dr Oz: Acuball, Biodots, Gua Sha: Alternative Health Must Haves

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Dr Oz: Acuball, Biodots, Gua Sha: Alternative Health Must Haves

By on May 30, 2011

Dr Oz: Alternative Health Must Haves

Dr Oz’s show on 10 Revolutionary Alternative Health Must Haves introduced us to some of the latest and greatest Alternative Medicine Treatments including: a Pumpkin Seed Powder Drink, Biodots for stress, Bacopa Monnieri for memory, Gua Sha for back pain, a Thai Massage for flexibility, an Acupuncture Facial for glowing skin, Chi Nei Tsang for IBS, Fennel Seeds for gas and bloating, an Acuball for back and neck pain and who could forget Doctor Oz in a bathtub full of ice, because an Ice Bath relieves joint pain and inflammation.  Here are some of my own thoughts and research on these 10 Alternative Health Must Haves.  If you have tried any of these, please leave a comment below sharing your experiences as well!

Dr Oz: Pumpkin Seed Powder Drink

Dr Oz’s first Alternative Health Must Have was Pumpkin Seed Powder, which helps you to sleep better at night.  The reason that Pumpkin Dr Oz Alternative Health TreatmentsSeed Powder seems to work so well for Insomnia is because it contains Tryptophan, which is the same ingredient found in turkey that makes so many of us sleepy after our big Thanksgiving Meal.  Doctor Oz’s Pumpkin Seed Powder Smoothie was made by combining 1/2 cup of Pumpkin Seed Powder, 1/2 cup of low fat milk (or water), and honey to taste.  Pop all of these ingredients into your blender and blend until smooth.

Dr Oz: Biodots Stress Thermometer

Dr Oz’s second Alternative Health Must Have was Biodots, which are these amazing little dots made out of Liquid Crystal Indicators that can monitor your skin’s temperature.  Biodots change color based on how stressed you are, so you know when you should take a few minutes for yourself to calm down.  A couple of other interesting facts – Biodots were created by Robert Grabhorn, who originally called them Mood Marks (cute name!).

Dr Oz: Bacopa Monnieri for Memory

Dr Oz’s third Alternative Health Must Have was Bacopa Monnieri, which is an herb that boosts your memory.  According to a study done on Brahmi, another name for Bacopa Monnieri, people who took the herb had a much better ability to retain new information.  The study, done by the University of Wollongong in Australia, looked at 76 adults between the ages of 40 and 65 years old and found that Bacopa Monnieri decreased the rate that the adults forgot newly learned information.  Sounds promising!

Dr Oz: Gua Sha for Back Pain

Dr Oz’s fourth Alternative Health Must Have was Gua Sha, which means “to scrape away disease by allowing the disease to escape as sandy-looking objects through the skin” or “to scrape away fever” in Chinese.  Gua Sha, also called Spooning or Coining, is an ancient medical treatment that could give you some Back Pain Relief.  A Gua Sha treatment generally involves applying pressure to lubricated skin repeatedly using a device with a smooth surface, such as a ceramic Chinese Soup Spoon, a metal cap or even jade.  Interestingly, in Chinese Medicine, Gua Sha is used to treat a wide range of ailments including back pain, fever, fatigue, asthma, fibromyalgia, headaches, food poisoning and digestive problems.  Doctor Oz had an Acupuncturist demonstrate how to do Gua Sha on a volunteer, and her back became very red but she said that it felt great.  During the TV Show, they wrote on the screen that the Acupuncturist’s name was Dr Daniel Sciubba, but after googling that name, I am not sure if that is really correct.

Dr Oz: Thai Massage

Dr Oz’s fifth Alternative Health Must Have was a Thai Massage, which boosts your Relaxin hormone and increases your flexibility.  A Thai Massage differs from a regular massage in that it tends to focus mainly on stretching and deep massages.  Also, oil and lubricants are generally not used in a Thai Massage.  Since yoga-type stretches are often involved in a Thai Massage, your flexibility improves as one of the benefits.

Doctor Oz’s guest demonstrated how to do a Thai Massage, which is also known as Lazy Man’s Yoga to open up tendons and joints.  One type of Thai Massage “move” that you can do at home is to sit up straight, place your hands behind your head, and feel how it opens up your chest when you slightly lean back into the stretch.

Dr Oz: Acupuncture Facial or AcuFacial

Doctor Oz’s sixth Alternative Health Must Have was an Acupuncture Facial for Glowing Skin.  Having needles placed into your face may sound somewhat scary, but compared to other face lifts and plastic surgeries, the AcuFacial sounds minimally invasive.  The Acupuncture Facial is supposed to minimize wrinkles and leaves your skin glowing.  It is said to improve your blood circulation (hence the beautiful glow), while stimulating collagen growth that helps to keep wrinkles away.

Dr Oz: Chi Nei Tsang for Digestion

Dr Oz’s seventh Alternative Health Must Have was Chi Nei Tsang, which is an Ancient Chinese Medicine treatment that aids digestion and relieves IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  Chi Nei Tsang looks at an entire person and tries to heal them as a whole, rather than focusing on specific ailments.  So the Tao Treatment is supposed to help with physical, emotion and mental problems that a person might have.  Chi Nei Tsang is supposed to be particularly helpful for people with digestive problems like IBS, sleep disorders, and even anxiety or depression.

Doctor Oz said that he had Chi Nei Tsang, a deep abdominal massage, done on himself before and that it makes you have a bowel movement pretty quickly.  Barbara Insley demonstrated how to do Chi Nei Tsang on a volunteer as Dr Roberta Anne Lee explained what was going on.

Dr Oz: Fennel Seeds for Gas & Bloating

Dr Oz’s eighth Alternative Health Must Have was Fennel Seeds for gas and bloating.  If you tend to experience gas or bloating (especially after you eat a meal), then Doctor Oz suggested eating 1 tsp of Fennel Seeds after your meals.  It turns out that by chewing on Fennel Seeds, you stimulate your digestion which is why your bloating and gas are minimized.  Another side benefit of Fennel Seeds is that they are a great mouth freshener – so replace breath mints and gum after meals with Fennel Seeds!  Dr Roberta Anne Lee said that she never goes on vacation without bringing along Fennel Seeds.  You can even find Candied Fennel Seeds, which are the brightly colored candies that you often find at Indian Restaurants.

Dr Oz: Acuball Review

Dr Oz’s ninth Alternative Health Must Have was an Acuball for relieving back and neck pain.  Dr Cohen’s Acuball might be the product that excited me the most from this episode of the Doctor Oz Show.  The Acuball is a brilliant ball that is designed to apply Acupuncture to your back and neck and thus it improves your joint’s range of motion, relaxes muscles, stimulates blood flow and helps to release natural painkillers throughout your body.  Plus, you can even warm up the Acuball to give yourself a warm Acupuncture treatment, all in the comfort of your home.  There is also a Acuball-Mini that is a smaller version of the larger Acuball, and that is great for smaller muscles like your feet, hands, shoulders, or for using as a massage tool on your friend’s or family members.  The smaller Mini Acuballs are also great for warming up and keeping in your pockets to warm your hands in the winter.

Doctor Oz showed how to do two different massages with the Acuball.  One exercise is to place the ball between your back and the back of a chair wherever you feel tension (usually in your lower back). Then lean into and take deep breaths.  The second massage is for your neck and you lie on your back, placing the Acuball on a tension point like at the base of your neck.

Dr Oz: Ice Bath

Dr Oz’s final Alternative Health Must Have was to take a 5 Minute Ice Bath to help reduce joint pain and inflammation.  The image of Doctor Oz in a bathtub full of ice will definitely stick with many of us!  In addition to Ice Baths helping with joint pain and inflammation, Dr Oz mentioned on a previous show that they can actually help you to lose weight too.  Click here for a recap of that segment: Dr Oz Ice Therapy.

Doctor Oz said that it is important to only stay in an Ice Bath for 5 minutes, and you should have someone else nearby the first time you do it in case it is too shocking.  You also want to make sure that your fingers, toes and head are above the Ice Bath water at all times since these parts of your body can get too cold more quickly.

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Comments to Dr Oz: Acuball, Biodots, Gua Sha: Alternative Health Must Haves

  1. Vicki Fisher says:

    What was the name of the pedometer that Dr.Oz clipped to his sleeve. The one you can use on your computer. Thanks!

  2. Vicki, it was called the Fit Bit and you can find it here: Click Here For the Fit Bit Pedometer

    Also, you can read a full recap of that segment here: http://www.wellbuzz.com/dr-ozs-advice/dr-oz-fit-bit-wine-trax-cuisipro-fat-separator/

  3. berenice says:

    for the pumpkin drink what kind of seed all i found was the roasted salt ones …….can thoose work?

  4. Hi! My sister referred me to your site. It’s great!
    There’s a lot of great info here, particularly the pumpkin seed powder drink recipe. I definitely need to try that!


  5. Lil' Peach says:

    I’m wondering the same thing as berenice – what kind of pumpkin seeds for the powder recipe? I’ve looked and all I can find are roasted and salted, and I’m sure it can’t be that. If anyone knows, please share.


  6. Does anyone know a great place to purchase fennel seeds?

  7. Hi Kelly! Welcome to our site… so glad you are enjoying it :)

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