Dr Oz: Adenomyosis Alternative to Hysterectomy: Ultrasound


Doctor Oz spoke about Adenomyosis today, which is something I was not familiar with.  If you have Adenomyosis, then as you age your period can become unbearable because you can have very heavy periods with horrible pain.  Often Adenomyosis  is misdiagnosed as fibroids, which makes treating it even harder.  Dr Oz Adenomyosis Treatment

Dr Oz showed a model of how a uterus usually looks and feels, which is fairly firm.  But if you have Adenomyosis, then your uterus can grown three times its original size, the walls thicken and it gets much spongier or softer.  To make matters worse, Adenomyosis  is not very well known, so many doctors are not even looking for it.  Dr Oz brought a woman on his show who is a doctor at the Fertility Treatment Center in Arizona.  They said that Adenomyosis is the result of trauma, which is why Adenomyosis happens typically in women over 30 who have had children.  What happens is that the endometrial cells get pushed down during childbirth and when you get small tears in your uterus, the cells get trapped inside.


  1. wendy ryan says

    I was diagnosed by vag u/sound with adenomyosis in mid-2008. I am successfully controlling symptoms for around 1 year at a time with Vitex supplements (angus-castus). I take the pills for 6 months then have a break until symptoms reappear, when I recommence taking them. Taking 1 pill a day is a far better alternative than surgery!
    Wendy ( Australia)

  2. Doris Vasey says

    The information in the show revealed that small tears from childbirht can contribute to the weakened/injured uterine lining and wall. Larger injuries and tears couls possibly cause larger displacement oft he lining. I found a fibroid’s purpose was to protect this weakened area. Symptoms were severe and debilitating. every treatment given caused an increase in symptoms as ther were missed diagnosis and mis-diagnosis. The current medical thought is to remove a uterus that is symptomatic regardless of the cause of the bleeding and symptoms. I would be very interested to know if anyone knows of a doctor the would repair the injury and displaced lining? My acupuncturist uses a unique form of acupuncture Fu Xi Wen, and has had much success. I need more help. I found that bleeding without cramping to be non menstrual/non functional. My body is trying to heal.

  3. Linda Seltzer says

    My 30 year old daughter has this. She’s not married but would like to have children. She gets iron transfusions once a week. She was diagnosed through an MRI. She has 2 to 3 weeks out of each month with severe pain & bleeding. Her energy is very low & it’s hard for her to work. She has a general, gynecologist & hematologist doctors but no one has come up with substantial options. It is recommended to see an infertility doctor to find out her percentage of possibity to carry a child then decide on surgery. Any recommendations of where to go? Any doctors in LA area or anywhere else?

  4. Lindsey Troumbly says

    I am just curious about what this fertility Dr. on Dr. Oz’s show would think about my case. I am 26 and have never had children and for sure have adenomyosis. If this disease is caused from trauma during childbirth she needs to explain to me how I ended up with it. I am lucky to have found one of the best surgeons in the country and am under going a mynectomy. Yes i know you have prob never heard of it because he is the only one that does it and invented the procedure 20 some years ago. He has had a lot of success and allowed many women who were told they needed a hysterectomy to keep their uterus and not have the many side effects that goes along with getting it removed. Please for anyone out there that has been told there is no other option there is. Google Dr. Toaff and you will find all the information you need. You can even contact him and he will tell you for sure if you have no other options. Best wishes to everyone with this horrible disease. I just wanted to let you know there is hope for keeping your uterus as well as getting rid of the disease if you choose to do so.


  5. Tara J. says

    Lindsey, Thank you for writing what you did in the above comment. I was just diagnosised with adenomyosis and have never given birth, too. My doctor suggested a hysterectomy or going on birth control, both which I refuse to do. I am in my late 30s and very active and not willing to put my body through these awful suggestions from my doctor. I found Dr. Toaff’s website while searching the internet. I contacted him and he responded within hours of my contact. After talking to Dr. Toaff and former patients, I have decided to have Dr. Toaff perform the surgery needed to keep my uterus and get rid of the pain. Finding your post has given me more piece of mind that I have chosen the right option for me. Thank you again!

  6. Katherine says

    Lindsey and Tara,

    I have had Adenomyosis since the age of 23 (I’m almost 45). It is not only childbirth that can contribute to this condition…Trauma of any kind to the uterus has the possibility of causing Adenomyosis. I didn’t have my first child until I was 25, after I was already diagnosed. I am finally giving up and will be getting Hysterectomy in May…since my last little one was born in 2011, I have been in misery without any relief (motrin, norco, IUD and Lupron)…no treatment helps anymore. Good Luck to you all!

  7. donna says

    My sister and I both were diagnosed with adenomyosis and we were also told Hysterectomy was the only option. (after being incorrectly diagnosed with fibroids).
    Find a Interventional Radiologist to perform an Uterine Artery Embolization. (UAE). The success rate for adenomyosis is almost 70%, My sister is 100% cured and I will find out in the next few months my results. My sister had a rough recovery 1 week and I had virtually no down time. My doc however put me on a staggered course of pain meds and anti inflammation. my sister was not and her pain got out of control. That could be the difference. See Dr. Lokesh Arora in Fountain Valley, CA. or my sister’s doc, Dr. Steven Oglevie in Newport Beach. (both are WONDERFUL) we had different insurance so we had to see two different docs. I had to DEMAND my GYN seek approval for this. I was completely discouraged,.

  8. says

    Wow- thanks for sharing all of this great info ladies. I was just diagnosed w/this as well after never having previously heard of it. Though I wanted to have an at home medication-free natural birth, I ended up having a c-section (definite risk factor) & the rest is history. I’m looking for ANY alternative that doesn’t involve removal of my uterus (I may still want to have another child!) &/or any other unnatural risk-laden suggestion dr.’s may suggest. Thanks so much for the suggestions. I’m going to check out Dr. Arora. The UAE procedure you recommend- does it affect your ability to have children??? (Thanks so much!:)

  9. says

    CI am 43 with 3 children Im currently engaged and was hoping to possibly have a child with my soon to be husband I was diagnosed with adenomyosis earlier this year and my doc wants me to get a hysterectomy but I can’t I live in Cleveland Ohio and can’t seem to find any other alternatives we were truly hoping to try to have a child together so I don’t want the removal but it seems like because of my age the doctors are like I am too old to get pregnant so they don’t care about giving me any other suggestions to beat this I truly believe I developed this condition from using the nuva ring as a form of birth control after I had my daughter who is 12 I feel this way because I’ve never had any problems getting pregnant until I used this method of birth control if anyone can give me any assistance all is welcome.thank you and be blessed

  10. Kiki says

    Hi Tonya,

    I stumbled in your post today while searching for info on adenomyosis. I have that too, am 42 and also want a child. I found a doctor who may be able to help us. Not sure where you’re at now since your post is almost a year ago, but this doctor is from St. Louis and does a procedure he learned in Japan. He saves the uterus but takes out all the adenomyosis. Only thing is we’d have to have c-sections. His name is Dr. Sherman J. Silber. I watched the video of the procedure. There’s also an interview with one if his patients. I am really considering going to see him. The other thing I came across was ultrasound focused MRI which seems promising as well. Unfortunately it is not FDA approved in the US for the treatment if adenomyosis, just fibroids. However, it is approved overseas. You can find more info by googling Insightec. Hope this helps. Good luck!

  11. says


    When I submitted that post, I forgot to check the box off that will notify me if you respond. I will do that with this one. So, if you respond or have any questions, please respond to this post. Thanks!

  12. says

    I am 40 years old and was diagnosed with endometriosis in 1999 and toldbi would never be able to have children.
    My pain was so excruciating with my menstrual back then.
    I later got married and went through the IVF procedure and we had triplets.
    I then waited 7 Yeats and went through the process again having twins and losing one at 6weeks.
    I knew then I was done for sure after getting 2 fibroids the size of softballs on my uterus during the last pregnancy.
    Well delivered and found out the fibroids didn’t shrink fully, the endometriosis was still there and now 2 years later I have adenomyosis they say.
    It’s so bad that I’ve applied for social security. I’m constantly urinating, feeling pain I look as if I’m 16 weeks pregnant, which is the size my Dr. Says my uterus is and I so regret having to stop nursing my baby girl at 2 because when I was, my uterus was fine, just the other mess going on down in there.
    I refuse to get a hysterectomy because of the long-term effects and possibility of cancer.
    I’m going to try some of you guys reccomadations and see what happens.
    Good health to you all.
    Peace and blessings.

  13. Elle says

    Hi, I need help so bad..I just got married last month and I am so disappointed and deppreased that I did not get pregnant. I was diagnosed with adenomyosis. Please help me how to get pregnant with this disease..is it possible at all?

  14. Adriane Sewell says


    My name is Adriane. I was diagnosed with adenomyosis in October 2015. I’m 39 and I don’t have any children but, now trying. I have the worst diarrhea that springs on me at any given time. The right side of my back hurt so bad sometimes I can’t move. This is scary and all I do is cry! I feel like no one cares and doctors suggest hysterectomy or get pregnant, which is a challenge in itself. I don’t know what to do!

  15. meg baker says

    I’m 37 years old and I was diagnosed with this Adenomyosis as well and had an ablation to hopefully help relieve some pain n discomfort along with stopping my bleeding. My periods would be so heavy to the point of me passing out n dizziness would occur and my blood pressure would drop dangerously low. I get clammy hands, painful agonizing pain, swelling of my uterus, feels like death labor, lower back pain, legs hurting. I would get sick to my stomach and just lay around and i just want relief because i have 3 children who need me, im such a health nut but that doesnt even help, last time i passed out was in walmart this time last year n i woke up in E.R. I only get like one in a half to two weeks out of each month of pain free time n the rest of the month is agonizingly painful. Novasure only makes it worse aka uterine ablation. Any other information will be helpfu;

  16. jassica says

    I a 25 years old girl I just found out I have Adenomyosis is one year ago, I was so scared and I was trying to learn how to help with it naturally instead of surgery, I’ve looked up so many places and tries different treatments, I come accross the herbal therapy fuyan pill on July, and after three months of treatment, my adenomyosis is completely treated, I proclaim that this worked for me.. I am so thankful.

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