Dr Oz: Adrenal Fatigue, Extreme Exhaustion & Secret Reason You’re Tired


Doctor Oz did a segment called “Extreme Exhaustion: The Secret Reason You’re So Tired” to cover the topic of Adrenal Fatigue – a controversial condition that many people and doctors say does not exist.  However, could Adrenal Fatigue be the secret reason that you are so tired?  All humans have a “fight or flight” hormone that happens when we feel we are in danger: your pain threshold increases, you are overly alert, your heart pumps faster, your eye pupils dilate, you sweat, you are hyper aware of what is going on outside of you.  This reaction can help you survive when in a dangerous situation, but it can be a big problem if your body gets “stuck” in this mode all of the time.  Has stress thrown our adrenal glands out of wack?  Perhaps the daily stress in our lives is just too much for us?  Dr Oz said that Dr James Wilson first named this condition Adrenal Fatigue in 1998 and Wilson believes a huge percentage of Americans suffer from this.  Doctor Oz Adrenal Fatigue


  1. Shari M says

    I missed the play of this show so I am very happy to see you’ve posted the information online
    I have been suffering from fatigue for years. (actually to be precise) prior to a diagnosis for Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. about a year after my chemo ended i collapsed and I was told it could be chronic fatigue syndrome.. To this day, although I do sleep.. (I do wake in the night for bathroom) I wake up feeling like I never had a wink of sleep. Its very frustrating.

  2. says

    Shari, so sorry to hear that you are having so much difficulty getting good sleep. Hang in there and I hope things get better for you soon!

  3. Jennifer L Marley says

    I am upset that I missed this segment. I will have to look into finding the episode so that I can learn more about adrenal fatigue. I sure do have most of the symptoms and am contemplating going to the doctor for an option on in. Thank you for the great article. You summed up the show great and actually made me aware that Dr. Oz did a show on it. I will go search for the segment right now. I also like the section on natural cures, I am not a fan of people who rely on meds to “cure” them. Thanks again.

  4. Zoe says

    In my opinion, the ‘epidemic’ of thyroid issues is directly linked to chronic stress and adrenal function. Personally, I have experienced chronic stress for many years – felt ‘something’ odd happening in my body. All the named symptoms occurred. Then the diagnosis of ‘benign’ thyroid nodules. WHAT NOW??!!!
    I am seeking traditional medicine assurance and/or resolve however have also begun supplements known to provide relief of the nodules.
    Any comments will be so very appreciated. This is frightening although the diagnosis is ‘benign’. I desperately want these nodules to dissipate.

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