Dr Oz: AED Law for Gyms & Bob Harper’s State Representative List


Dr Oz: How To Use an AED

DR-OZ-AED-LAW-FOR-GYMSDr. Oz did an amazing show on Bob Harper’s Heart Attack, how to recognize Widow Maker Heart Attacks, how to do CPR, and this segment on how to use an AED or Automated External Defibrillator.  Doctor Oz first did a social experiment where he hired an experienced actor to imitate a heart attack.  Someone from the Red Cross pretended to try to help him, and called out to Dr Oz’s audience for someone to find an AED.  It was SHOCKING how many people didn’t know what an AED was, much less what it looked like.  Please be sure to share this post with all of your friends and family on Facebook and Pinterest, because we absolutely must educated everyone we know!

What Do You Do With An AED?

Dr Oz demonstrated how you use an AED, but it is really very simple.  You just turn it on and it walks you through, step-by-step, how to use it as follows.

  1. Make sure someone has called 911.
  2. Turn on the AED machine.
  3. Take the person’s shirt off.
  4. Attach the AED’s pads to the person’s chest.
  5. Check that the connectors are attached to the AED’s pads.
  6. Plug the connectors into the machine.
  7. The machine will tell you that it is analyzing the heart’s rhythm.
  8. If the machine believes the person’s heart needs to be shocked, it says “shock advised,” so you send the shock.

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