Dr Oz: Agave Nectar, Konjac Root Fiber & Anti-Inflammatory Tea


Dr Oz: Favorite Tips

Dr Oz’s Viewers All Time Favorite Tips show spoke about all of the great advice that has changed so many lives.  If you have not heard about Agave Nectar, Konjac Root Fiber, Anti-Inflammtory Tea or how to Check Your Poop, this is a definite must read!  Doctor Oz also did another segment with more tips like the signs of a Female Heart Attack and unhealthy recipes made-over like an Eggplant Rollatini Recipe and a Sausage and Peppers Recipe.

Dr Oz: Agave Chocolate Smoothie Recipe

Dr Oz’s first guest said that she tried everything to lose weight and to kick her sugar habit, but nothing worked until she saw his show on Agave Nectar as a natural alternative to table sugar.  She used to weigh 315 pounds and has now dropped 100 pounds.  She said she had a serious sugar addiction where she would even wake-up in the middle of the night craving sugar.  So even when she exercised, she could not fight against the extra 500 calories she would eat in the middle of the night.


  1. says

    I am very glad for the antiinflammatory tea to boost energy. My question: How much water? and how mant tea bags? I am going to send this receipe to my daughter, She has Lymes disease and chronic fatigue and I have fibromyalgia.

  2. says

    The Agave Banana Smoothie gal said this recipe made 32 oz. I’m going to try it, and from the looks of the ingredients, I’m not sure this will even make a 10-12 oz drink? Is there anything missing??

  3. Mary Rusk says

    I just received my konjac root powder 4 days ago. I am having trouble drinking it fast enough before the stuff starts gelling and clumping. Any secret tricks? Like don’t use warm water it makes it gel faster.

  4. Janice says

    well from what I remember from the show they sprinkled the Konjac root powder on food and I’m guessing as you’re also having water with your food it will expand.

  5. June says

    i took konjac root 1000mg / apple cider vinegar 800 mg capsule for 7 days and about 16oz of water with it every time and a lot more water during the day but have to be careful to take 4 hours apart from any RX medication TO PREVENT INTERACTION; capsules take longer to dissolve and expand in stomach; capsules go down the esophagus faster with water whereas pills or powder expand as they go down and can even obstruct the esophagus and you cannot breath normal or stop breathing; then these may get to stomach already in expansion; and, yes, you feel full and no sugar cravings whatsoever or hunger pans. Though, my blood pressure dropped considerably and no more tingling headaches for high blood pressure, dyastolic was 55-75 and systolic 120-135; stopped taking them until I talk to my doctor if he will remove one of the three high blood pressure pills so I can continue with konjac root capsules.

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