Dr. Oz: Age Erasers- Under Eye Bags, Spider Veins & Turkey Necks

Doctor Oz gave three tips to look decades younger in minutes!  Now we can turn back the clock on sagging skin around our necks (turkey necks), spider veins and bags under our eyes, all with treatments that can be done during our lunch breaks.  Since gravity, genetics and our lifestyle all effect how we age, it is great to know that we can now take control for less money and pain!  Lasers can do amazing things now, like remove facial wrinkles, spider veins, and age spots.

Dr. Oz’s 3 Age Erasers:

1.  Turkey Necks (Sagging Skin Around Your Neck)

Gravity causes your skin to sag, and the fat pulls away from the underlying muscles.  To get rid of the fat and to pull back your jawl, Dr. Kenneth Rothaus uses a laser to do liposuction by first melting the fat and then sucking it out once it has been liquefied.  The wavelengths of light also tighten your skin.  Dr. Oz gave a lady named Angie this treatment, and she said that it did not hurt a lot.  It basically felt like having a dental procedure done.  The effects last for years and it costs $2500-$3000

2.  Spider Veins

Evelyn, a lady on Dr. Oz’s show, does not wear skirts, shorts or swimsuits.  Dr. Bruce Katz gave her laser therapy to remove her spider veins, and we could already see improvements after just the first treatment.  Evelyn said it did not hurt at all and just felt like a tingling sensation.  Dr. Katz said that Evelyn would need a few treatments and it costs $400-$500 per laser treatment to remove spider veins.

3.  Bags Under Eyes

Dark circles and indentations under your eyes can be fixed with a simple injection.  First, you put on a numbing cream under your eyes for an hour.  Then, Dr. Jeanine Downie, author of Beautiful Skin of Color: A Comprehensive Guide to Asian, Olive, And Dark Skin, injects Restolin or Juvederm and smooths out the under eye skin.  It is painless because of the numbing cream, and it stays for 8 months to a year.  It costs a few hundred dollars to do both eyes.  Dr. Oz said that under eye bags often come from allergies, so you should also read Dr. Oz’s under eye bag remedies like a thin 1 Micron Pillowcase.  Also, checkout this under eye home remedy with potatoes!


  1. Laura Geist says

    On that show a treatment was done which was virtually painless, cost about 1,000 and it builds the treatment for six months before you see full results….What was this?

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