Dr Oz: Aging Calculator, Life Expectancy Calculator: Live to 100 Years Old!


Dr Oz: How To Live to 100 Years Old

Dr Oz did a segment called “So You Want To Live Forever?” where he spoke about how all of us can live longer than ever while still looking and feeling great.  Doctor Oz was joined by Dr Thomas Pearls, who cracked the code on aging and how to live longer.  With Dr Pearls Aging Calculator or Life Expectancy Calculator, it may just be possible for all of us to live to 100 years old and beyond!

Dr Oz: Dr Thomas Pearls

Dr Thomas Pearls has devoted his entire career to studying Centenarians, people who reach the age of 100 years old.  Dr Pearls has learned that living to 100 is far more possible than you think.  On average, women now live to 81 Dr Oz 100 Years Oldyears old, which is 10 years longer than women live in 1950.  With the right change to your diet and habits, Dr Pearls thinks that the average age that women live could be 100 years over the next 10 years.  Here is the Aging Calculator that Dr Pearls presented to Dr Oz:

Dr Oz: Life Expectancy Calculator

Dr Oz said that all women should start off this calculation with the base age of 89.  Based on how you answer the following questions, you will add or subtract years from the age of 89 to get an estimate of how many years you will live.


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