Dr Oz: Aging Calculator, Life Expectancy Calculator: Live to 100 Years Old!

By on April 18, 2011

Dr Oz: How To Live to 100 Years Old

Dr Oz did a segment called “So You Want To Live Forever?” where he spoke about how all of us can live longer than ever while still looking and feeling great.  Doctor Oz was joined by Dr Thomas Pearls, who cracked the code on aging and how to live longer.  With Dr Pearls Aging Calculator or Life Expectancy Calculator, it may just be possible for all of us to live to 100 years old and beyond!

Dr Oz: Dr Thomas Pearls

Dr Thomas Pearls has devoted his entire career to studying Centenarians, people who reach the age of 100 years old.  Dr Pearls has learned that living to 100 is far more possible than you think.  On average, women now live to 81 Dr Oz 100 Years Oldyears old, which is 10 years longer than women live in 1950.  With the right change to your diet and habits, Dr Pearls thinks that the average age that women live could be 100 years over the next 10 years.  Here is the Aging Calculator that Dr Pearls presented to Dr Oz:

Dr Oz: Life Expectancy Calculator

Dr Oz said that all women should start off this calculation with the base age of 89.  Based on how you answer the following questions, you will add or subtract years from the age of 89 to get an estimate of how many years you will live.

Dr Oz: Attitude Factor

If you are optimistic and let go of stress naturally, then you can add five years, otherwise do not add or subtract anything.  Doctor Oz said that if you aren’t sure about your attitude, then ask yourself the following question:

When you think about getting older, which of the following most closely resembles your thoughts:

a. You are excited about gaining wisdom and experience.

b. You are curious about what the future holds.

c. You are concerned that you won’t look or feel the same as you do now.

d. You are worried about the aches and pains that accompany old age.

If you answered either A or B, then add 5 years to your number.  Otherwise, leave your age the same.

Dr Oz: Genetics Factor

Have people in your family lived to the age of 90?  Dr Oz said that if relatives lived to 90-100 years old, then you could have the same genes that help you to live to an old age. So, if you had a mother, father, grandmother, grandfather or another blood relative who lived over the age of 90, then add 5 years to your number. Otherwise, leave your age the same.

Dr Oz: Exercise Factor

Dr Oz is forever stressing the importance of exercise, so I am sure that all of us expected for physical fitness to be an element in the Aging Calculator!  If you exercise 30 minutes or more every day, then you age stays the same.  Otherwise, if you exercise less than 30 minutes a day, you have to subtract 5 years from your life.  I was surprised that you do not get to add any years if you exercise though, was anyone else shocked by this?

Dr Oz: Interests Factor

Do you do anything to challenge your brain regularly?  If you do brain building activities like sudoku or crossword puzzles, then add 5 years to your age.  Doctor Oz explained that our brains have cables that allow messages to flow through, and neurons are what hold up the cables so that they can work.  If you lose neurons, then your brain stops being able to send these messages back and forth.  However, you can rebuild these parts of your brain by challenging your brain.  So why not try to learn a new language?  Or challenge yourself to a puzzle?

Dr Oz: Nutrition Factor

Another one of Dr Oz’s favorite topics – nutrition.  If you maintain a healthy weight, then your age stays the same, but if you are overweight, then subtract 5 years from your life.  Dr Thomas Pearls said that 1 in 5000 people in the population live to be 100 years old, and that some of them do eat whatever they want but their genetics protects them from the damage caused by that.  If you are overweight, you generally are deducting years from your life.  This is just a general guide, so for some people you might lose only 5 years but others might lose far more years off of their life.  The bottom line is that eating a healthy diet is crucial.

Dr Oz: Smoking

Dr Thomas Pearls told Dr Oz that is is extremely rare that a Centenarian will have smoked cigarettes in the past 10-15 years.  It is extremely hard to get to older ages and to be in good health if you have a history of smoking.  If you smoke just one cigarette, then you have to subtract 15 years from your life.  The good news is that it is never too late to stop smoking.  Click here to read about Dr Oz’s plan for quitting smoking: Dr Oz’s Plan To Quit Smoking

How did you do?  How old did Dr Oz’s Aging Calculator say you would live?  Leave a comment below with your results and what / if you plan on changing to extend your life.  Also, go here to take Dr Thomas Pearls’ much longer life expectancy test.

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  1. I did the calculations on the calculator but could not get my results.

  2. According to this I should already be dead and I’m only 57

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