Dr Oz: Airport Scanners vs Pat Down: Dangerous Radiation


Dr Oz did a segment called “Oz Alert: Dangerous Radiation: Are You At Risk?” where he discussed a topic that all of us are wondering about before traveling.  You must read this before stepping through an Airport Scanner.    Dr Oz Airport Scanner Dangers

Dr Oz: Should I Walk Through the Airport Scanner or Opt For the Pat Down?

Dr Oz said that the Airport Scanners are called Backscatter Scanners, and they send waves through your clothes to the top layer of your skin, which helps them to look for things hidden under your clothes.  One lady on the Dr Oz Show asked Doctor Oz what he would opt for – the Airport Scanner or the Pat Down.

Dr Oz: X-Rays vs Airport Scanner

Dr Oz said that with a regular x-ray, you take a focused image of one part of the body and the x-ray goes through your body.  The new Airport Scanners have you put both arms up int air and then it scatters energy across your body, but not through your body.  Dr Oz said the areas that he is most concerned about the radiation hitting even briefly include the skin, eyes, breasts and surfaces of the body.  The more x-ray radiation that you get, the greater your risk for cancer.  For example, when you go for a CT Scan (pronounced like Cat Scan), your cells can get damaged as the radiation hits the nucleus and damages the DNA.  You have proteins that can help your body to repair your DNA, but what if there is too much radiation?  Then, the DNA gets too damaged for the protein to fix it, which can lead to cancer.

Dr Oz: Airport Scanner vs Pat Down

Dr Oz was joined by Kathryn Brinsfield from the Department of Homeland Security and Mary Mahoney, a radiologist.  Brinsfield said that the scanners are safe and both she and her family use them.  The amount of radiation you get from an Airport Scanner is the same amount that you get when you go on a flight, if the flight does not have even more radiation.  There is 1000 times more radiation in a dental scan than in an Airport Scanner.


  1. Susan Wilson says

    This is just security theater. It does nothing to keep you safer. A determined terrorist will put a bomb in a body cavity, and these scanners can’t detect them. Neither can a pat down. This is all about control and taking away our rights. Simple solution.. if you don’t have to fly DON’T FLY!

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