Dr. Oz & Alex Trebek’s Home Therapy for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Dr. Oz had Alex Trebek, the host of Jeopardy since 1984, on his show today as part of his Celebrity Edition of Ask Dr. Oz.  Trebek had a carpal tunnel operation on his left wrist and has horrible pain from bone on bone issues.  What causes carpal tunnel? Is carpal tunnel a factor of age? Or do people in certain lines of work tend to get it more often?

Dr. Oz showed a demonstration of what happens when you get carpal tunnel syndrome.  Basically, imagine a few very long balloons filled with air that are all clamped off by a rubber band at one point… this is not comfortable!  So the surgeon goes in and cuts off the rubber band so that nothing is clamping down the balloons.  You can do a few things to cure or at least relieve your carpal tunnel at home.  Put your hands in a prayer position (both palms facing towards each other) and push your hands down.  Also, you should try to keep your wrists warm with gloves.


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