Dr Oz: Allergy Home Remedies: Black Pepper Sinus Remedy & More

Dr Oz: Allergy Remedies

Dr Oz brought three women on is show to talk about their favorite Allergy Home Remedies.  But do these home remedies really work?  Doctor Oz spoke about other Allergy Remedies on a different show, so you should definitely check them out here as well: Dr Oz Allergy Remedy.

Dr Oz: Colloidal Oatmeal Mask For Hives

Dr Oz’s first guest said that she makes a Salad Dressing Face Mask as a Home Remedy for the hives she gets on her face from ragweed.  She first soaks her Dr Oz Allergy Home Remedieswashcloth in water, then she applies a mixture of apple cider vinegar, water and lemon zest to the cloth.  Next, she applies the washcloth to her face and pressed down firmly on it.  Doctor Oz said that the Salad Dressing Facial does not work, however he does recommend making a Colloidal Oatmeal Mask to treat hives by mixing 1-2 TB of Colloidal Oatmeal with a little water.

Dr Oz: Cold Potato Slices: Puffy Eye Remedy

Doctor Oz’s second guest said that she uses thin slices of potato, around the thickness of a potato chip, and applies them over her closed eyes to reduce puffiness.  Dr Oz said that this does work because the cold potato slices constrict your blood vessels due to their cool temperature, which is similar to the reason that cool cucumber slices also work.  However, cucumber slices get warmed up by your skin faster than a dense potato slice.  This concept is very similar to another home remedy for undereye bags that uses shredded potatoes and cheesecloth like this: Under Eye Bag Remedy.

Dr Oz: Black Pepper & Sesame Oil For Sinus Relief

Dr Oz’s final guest said that she has a great Nasal Congestion Remedy.  You mix a few drops of Sesame Oil with lots of Black Pepper in the palm of your hand.  Then use a finger to apply the mixture right underneath your nose – like you are painting on a mustache.  Then breathe in the aroma and it will clear your sinuses.  Dr Oz’s eyes teared and he kept saying he felt like he was going to sneeze, and this is exactly why this Sinus Home Remedy works!  Because it makes you sneeze and loosens up the allergens in your sinuses.

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