Dr Oz: Aloe Vera Juice & Constipation Causes: OTC Medicine

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Dr Oz: Aloe Vera Juice & Constipation Causes: OTC Medicine

By on May 2, 2011

Dr Oz: Constipation Causes

Dr Oz said that Constipation is a very common bathroom problem, but do you know the secret reason that you could feel irregular?  Over-The-Counter Medication!  Doctor Oz showed Zari, his Assistant-Of-The-Day, a bowel which is springy so that your intestine can squeeze feces through it.

Dr Oz: Colon Muscle

Dr Oz did a demonstration to teach us what happens when your body becomesDr Oz ConstipationConstipated.  The muscle of the colon is in charge of squeezing the feces through until it goes to the rectum and drops into the toilet.  However, if you are eating the wrong foods or taking medications that harden your stool, then your feces can change shape, which makes it hard to get out of your body.  And if your colon has a hard time pushing feces out, then  you can get Hemorrhoids and at the very least you will feel Constipated.  The second problem is that certain medications can tie up your Colon Muscle, which makes it hard to push out the stool.

Dr Oz: Aloe Vera Juice For Constipation

Dr Oz said that one of his favorite remedies for Constipation is to drink Aloe Vera Juice, which helps to relax you and to make you more regular.  Doctor Oz has given other Constipation Tips on previous shows, so you should also check out the following recaps: Dr Oz: Constipation Remedy and Dr Oz: Constipation vs Bowel Obstruction.  Plus, if you drink the Aloe Vera Juice, Andrew Zimmern said that you will also be helping to prevent Leukemia and reducing the inflammation in your body (click here to read more about this: Dr Oz Aloe Drink).

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Comments to Dr Oz: Aloe Vera Juice & Constipation Causes: OTC Medicine

  1. When my son had bleeding ulcers, I gave him Aloe Vera Juice for 3 months, I also took him off ALL his medication and after the 3 months period he had another endoscopy which showed a complete retoration of the lining of his stomach.

  2. I’ve been drinking approx. 2 oz of Aloe Vera juice twice a day, which seems to be causing me to be constipated. I was not constipated until I started taking Aloe Vera juice. I have been mixing the juice with a little fruit juice. I’ve read about all the benefits of Aloe Vera juice, but if is going to cause constipation, then it’s probably not the best thing to take.

  3. Melissa Horton says:

    A friend of mine and I both have started drinking aloe vera this week and we have both been experiencing constipation. Really expected the opposite results. Is this common?? What to do???

  4. Jesse Osborn says:

    I too am am searching the internet cause I started taking aloe vera and now i’m more constipated. glad i saw these comments above, i’m stopping aloe vera immediately.

  5. Mark Davis says:

    I too am experiencing constipation from drinking aloe vera juice. I don’t recommend it.

  6. Also have had constipation with aloe vera. Shocker, dr. oz is wrong.

  7. I am another one that is sooo constipated after aloe vera juice. Never again! It seems Dr. Oz can be wrong though about a few things. Not the first time I have tried something he said and I got opposite results.

  8. I started taking aloe vera juice about 6 days ago for acid reflux as no other medications were helping. Now I am soooo very constipated also. I had no problems before taking the aloe vera..Toooo bad for me as it did seem to be helping my stomache but now I have other stomache pains.

  9. I suffer with ibs – bloating primarily but never usually get constipation. I started taking Aloe Vera Gel a little cup in the morning and again at night for the last two weeks. Within the first week of taking it I was very constipated. I’m usually regular but all of a sudden constipation everyday! I stopped taking the Aloe Vera for one day and the constipation started to ease up. I resumed taking the Aloe Vera again today and I’ve not been able to go to the toilet all day! Everything I’ve read online apart from the comments left on here have said that aloe Vera actually treats constipation. Glad I found these comments otherwise I may have overlooked the aloe Vera as being the source of my problem due to all other information being contradictory!

  10. I don’t follow or believe any celebrity doctors but I was severely constipated from opiate use. About an hour ago I drank 6 oz of aloe Vera juice and 20 mins later the entire contents of my bowels was in the toilet. So you people are probably not doing it right.

  11. sonia balli says:

    I was constipated I was told my friend to try the aloe vera juice gel . Which I did and it helped me . I feel more energy. I was a coffee drinker 1 cup a day. And now , I dont have taste for coffee anymore. That was a change :)

  12. I had constipation nearly for all my life , since I drink the aloe Vera juice I’m so normal thanks a lot for this brilliant idea.
    Every one above who really suffers from constipation , it’s not aloe Vera but u have to drink minimum 8 glasses of water to help it work in ur bodies.

  13. Aloe Vera juice helps your digestive system, maybe you guys are still constipated because you guys eat bad all the time and are REALLY CONSTIPATED. Aloe vera works for me all the time

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