Dr Oz: Alpha Lipoic Acid, Melatonin & Vitamin D: Super Supplements

Dr Oz: Alpha Lipoic Acid & Diabetes

Dr Oz’s Best Of The Best Show included a segment on 3 Super Supplements: Alpha Lipoic Acid, Melatonin, and Vitamin D.  Bryce Wylde, host of Wylde On Health in Canada, said that Alpha Lipoic Acid helps to increase your energy and to prevent a whole bunch of different diseases.  Doctor Oz said that Alpha Lipoic Acid works well for people who have Diabetes or are Pre-Diabetic, which accounts for about 1/3 of the population in America.  If you have Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes, Dr Oz said that your cells do not quite know what to do with the sugar in your system.  But when you do not have Diabetes or if you are taking Alpha Lipoic Acid, then your body becomes better at getting sugar to go into your cells.  Try taking 400 mg of Alpha Lipoic Acid every day (it should cost around $10 at drugstores or online).

Dr Oz: Melatonin Supplements for Sleep

Dr Oz’s next Super Supplement came from a Sleep Medicine Specialist who said that you should take 3 mg of Melatonin if you are not getting enough sleep.  Try taking it about 2 hours before your bedtime and you should see some changes in your sleep patterns within a couple of weeks.

Dr Oz: Vitamin D Prevents Colon Cancer

Doctor Oz’s final Super Supplement is Vitamin D which Dr David Katz said is the only nutrient that is also a hormone.  Apparently, as many as 60% of Americans are Vitamin D Deficient.  Vitamin D helps to enhance your immune system and protects against cancers – especially Colon Cancer.  Vitamin D also helps your body to properly absorb calcium.  Dr Oz, who is of course especially worried about Colon Cancer, takes 1000 IU of Vitamin D every day.  So, unless you are getting plenty of sunlight, you might want to talk to your doctor about adding Vitamin D Supplements to your vitamin regimen!

Win Lunch With Dr Oz

Dr Oz also announced yet another contest to win a free trip to New York City!  You will get to see the Dr Oz Show, go back stage, and you will even get to have lunch with Doctor Oz himself!


  1. says

    Dr. Oz.
    My wife absolutely loves you and watches you everyday. We have a dvr so she tapes your show and watches it either the next day or later that day. I kinda like you too cause you’re so down to earth. I guess that’s why we both like you. Your show is amazing to watch. there’s so much we’re learning from it.
    anyway to my point. Betty would be so thrilled to be able to sit down with you and ask you about health hers and mine.
    We’re both on a fixed income so it would be impossible for her and I to pay to come to New York to come to see you. so I’m entering her in this contest now. I hope it isn’t too late like the previous contest with Bob Harper. Thank you

  2. Mila Liberman says

    Hello! My name is Mila Liberman and I live in California. Love your show and surprised how you feel comfortable on a stage. I am reading right now a book that you recommend. It’s called Lose Weight through Better Sleep by Michael Breus, PhD. On page 31 he said:”Melatonin is a circadian clock regulator, not a sleeping pill and it is not regulated by the FDA. Remember, melatonin is a hormone, not a vitamin or mineral and could be dangerous”. So, is it true? Can I take it, because I cannot fall asleep? Thanks!

  3. Perera says

    Is Alpha Lipoic Acid still a super supplement? Why can’t I find anything on ALA (other than as a skin care) in Dr. OZ website?

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