Dr Oz Alternative Health All-Stars: Perricone, Agatston & Northrup


Dr Oz’s Altenerative Health All-Stars include Dr Arthur Agatston, Dr Christiane Northrup and Dr Nicholas Perricone.  Doctor Oz said that all three of these Alternative Health All-Stars have explored new frontiers and holistic approaches to healing your heart, skin and hormones.

Dr Oz & Dr Arthur Agatston: The South Beach Diet

Dr Arthur Agatston was getting frustrated in the 1980’s by seeing all of his patients with heart problems getting fatter and fatter.  So, Dr Agatston started to research diets and developed Dr Oz Alternative Health DoctorsThe South Beach Diet which is better for weight loss and heart health than the previously recommended low fat and high carb diet.  On the South Beach Diet you eat high in fiber, vegetables, fruits, whole grains and good fats.  Dr Arthur Agaston said he was shocked by all of the positive results he saw when he put his patients on this diet.  Back when he was in medical school, they did not know anything about how to prevent a heart attack, but now we know enough to help prevent it before you ever get one.


  1. says

    Qigong helped me beat four bouts of “terminal” bone lymphoma in the early nineties. It’s also helped me manage the pain–physical and emotional–wrought by the cancer in the years since. Qigong also is an excellent stress reducer; after consistent practice life’s “slings and arrows” bounce off one like pebbles plinking off a breastplate. Clear 14 years and still practicing every day!

  2. wm edwards says

    Great site…great idea!!….’cause Dr. Oz’s site is the worst for finding & getting info.
    I am now a fan!!

  3. Diana says

    I found a natural inexpensive facial cream that works just as good or better than the “TOP FIVE” Anti-Aging Cream, which are too expensive and un-affordable for us middle and lower class working, retired women, and house-wives on a tight budget.

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