Dr Oz: Alternative Treatments: Arnica & Microwavable Sock & Rice

By on March 31, 2011

Dr Oz Arnica

Dr Oz: Alternative Treatments For Pain

Doctor Oz did a show called Alternative Ways To Treat Your Aches And Pains.  He spoke about new ways to treat aches and pains without prescription medications or expensive doctors.  Dr Oz said that 86% of the people in his audience claim to have pain at some point throughout the year.  All of Dr Oz’s Alternative Treatments cost less than $10 and can be done in the comfort of your home.  Also, click here to read the recap where Dr Oz spoke about the latest Alternative Treatment called Biopuncture: Dr Oz Biopuncture.

Dr Oz: Homeopathy

70 million people suffer from pain every daily from persistent aches in their muscles to joint pain that lasts months or even a lifetime.  There are conventional Dr Oz Homeopathic Medicinetreatments for pain like physical therapy, surgery, prescriptions and cortisone shots.  But there are also solutions which could be safer and cheaper – these are the Alternative Treatments of the future!  A lady in Dr Oz’s audience said that she heard of Homeopathic Medicine to relieve aches and pains, but she wants to know what is it exactly and how does it work?

Dr Oz: Homeopathic Medicine

Dr Russ Greenfield, Integrative Medicine and Emergency Room Specialist, said that Homeopathy is one of the most controversial alternative remedies.  By using very small and diluted amounts of medication, Homeopathy tries to treat illnesses.  The idea is that by using something that might cause a symptom in a healthy person, it might heal someone who already suffers from that problem, and some studies show that Homeopathic Medicine does really work.

Dr Oz’s wife uses Homeopathic Medicine on his family.  He said that in conventional medicine, you will take a powerful dose of medication, whereas in Homeopathy, you use a little bit just to nudge your body in the right direction.  Since you are using such a tiny amount of the active ingredient, it is probably safer but is it effective?  From a scientific perspective, it does not make much sense, but studies seem to show that it does in fact work.  The idea is that you send a message to your body so that your body is triggered to heal itself.

Dr Oz: Arnica

Dr Oz and Dr Greenfield both said that they use Arnica to treat aches, pains and bruises.  Dr Russ Greenfield said that he also uses Oscillococcinum to treat and prevent the flu.  Dr Oz said that in his house they use another Homeopathic Medicine called Nux Vomica for an upset stomach.  Doctor Oz said that if you are going to try Arnica Pills, you have to twist the bottle so that the pills drop down into the cap.  Then pour the pills directly under your tongue so that they dissolve and the Arnica goes into your bloodstream.  Dr Greenfield said it is crucial that you do not touch Homeopathic Medicine before they go under your tongue because that can make them ineffective.  One of my friends swears by Arnica Gel, which is another form that you can buy Arnica in.  She carries it everywhere and anytime one of her kids falls or seems like they will get a bruise, she applies it right away and she truly swears by it.  Have you ever tried Arnica, Oscillococcinum or Nux Vomica?  Please leave a comment below and share your experience if you have (or if you would recommend other types of Homeopathic Medicine)!

Dr Oz: Stiff Neck Remedy

Another lady in Doctor Oz’s audience said that she wakes-up with a stiff neck, but she does not want to take yet another prescription.  Dr Oz said that we carry a lot of tension in our neck.  Dr Russ Greenfield said that the easiest thing to do for a Stiff Neck is to apply heat.  Some people like moist heat from in a shower, but Dr Greenfield prefers a dry heat with added aromas.  The heat will relax your muscles and allow more blood to flow through the area which will help to heal you.  Cold Treatments like ice packs are good only at the initial onset of an injury to keep inflammatory chemicals out of the area.

Dr Oz: Sock & Rice Heat Treatment

Dr Oz said that you can think of your neck muscle like a lasagna noodle.  If you put the noodle in cold water, it just gets stiffer.  But if you put the noodle in something warm, then it loosens up and becomes flexible, which allows your muscle to bend back and forth so that you can relieve your pain.  Doctor Oz said that a big takeaway to remember is that pain creates pain.  If you have discomfort and you don’t fix it, then other parts of your body will become painful too.

Doctor Oz’s Alternative Treatment for a Stiff Neck is to take a sock and fill it with rice (uncooked rice!).  Add a few drops of lavender oil if you prefer to have a really relaxing treatment.  Tie a knot at the end of the sock and put it in the microwave.  Then place the sock around your neck for a warm neck treatment to relieve your Stiff Neck.

Do you have any good Alternative Treatments or experiences with Homeopathy?  If so, please leave a comment below and share your thoughts!

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Comments to Dr Oz: Alternative Treatments: Arnica & Microwavable Sock & Rice

  1. Hot water bottle for lower back can’t be beat.

  2. Carol Ulsh says:

    We’ve use homeopathic medicine for years and it works almost everytime! I won’t be without it!!!

  3. i have been doing this for years . it is quick and simple. people that i have given this to are shocked to find out what it is and they get immediate relief. its simple and portable. can use anywhere there is a microwave. make sure the micro does not have an oder. or the sock and rice will retain that oder

  4. christine says:

    My family and I use homeopathic products. I too swear by Arnica.
    One day my 4 year old son ran full speed straight into the side of an open car door…that long piece of metal got him right in the middle of his forehead. He was so excited that his daddy was home he wasn’t paying attention to where he was going. Within a few short minutes he had a bump on his head the size of a golf ball. My husband ran for the ice pack, I ran for the arnica tablets. My son wasn’t about to let his dad put ice on his head but while he was screaming with his mouth wide open I dropped a few tablets in his mouth. He didn’t even know what I did. Within 20 minutes that golf ball of a knott was completely gone and all that was left was a one inch mark.
    This is why my family and I believe in homeopathic remidies :)

  5. christine says:

    The sock and rice heat treatment also works wonders for women that are breast feeding and get mastitis.
    get a small sock, fill with 1/2 cup of uncooked rice, tie shut, put in the mircrwave for about 30 seconds at a time. You DO NOT want it hot. You want the rice sock to be warm. Place the sock in your bra where the plugged milk duct is, this area will be tender and feel like a knot under the skin. make sure to completely cover that area with the warm sock. leave on untill it is no longer warm and then reheat and apply again if needed.

  6. I was born in Homeopathic Hospital (no longer named that) and had a Homeopath/MD Pediatrician. As an adult I have always had my homeo pharmacy. I recently had an injury at the gym where the resistance tube with handles slipped off my foot and slammed into my face at 50 mph. I hit the eye, cheek bone and occipital bone. Most pain I have had in years.

    Since they didn’t have an ice pack, I put a cold bottle of water on it while driving home (5 minutes). I immediately got out the Arnica and took it as prescribed (every 4 hours?). I never had any swelling or brusing, but I did have a corneal abrasion.

    Now mostly use Natra-Bio products ffor the most common ailments and I find it easier to reccommend to people who have never heard of homeopathy, since they are labelled like, Allergy, head cold, chest cold, sinus, etc. The Latin names seem to scare people off. In this case I used Buiron Arnica Montana, but I have trouble getting the pills out of their tube. I ahve to shake it, which is not good.

  7. I recently had oupatient surgery, 4 procedures, for varicose veins. The upper legs were treated with VNUS Closure and lower legs with micro phlebotomy. My expert vascular surgeon recommended the Boiron oral med beginning 2 days before micro stripping and I loved it. Much less bruising, quick healing & my chronic tight muscles in my neck felt improved! I need to talk to my doc cause I used three bottles and am concerned if it’s safe to continue, but I’d like to for my neck.

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